imagine you are the narrator write a letter to a common friend giving details of where you met john a pescud and how you think his starlling qualityas a salesman really come in hand helping in be sucessful only in hispersonal life but also in helping him find a match right of her /his heart in his personal life substantial your answer from the text.

Asked by Harsh | 15th Dec, 2016, 10:46: PM

Expert Answer:

Please use the following points to write your letter.
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Body of the letter
Closing line/ greeting
You are an old acquaintance of Pescud and meet him while travelling. 
He seems to have a good way with words.
He does not particularly like bestsellers but does not realise that he met his wife in a typical bestseller situation.
Pescud is someone who can strike a conversation with anyone to get his work done. 
He almost sells himself as a good prospect to Jessie and her father. 
In the end, his is successful in winning her and eventually marries her. 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 16th Dec, 2016, 10:34: AM

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