How did Miss Sullivan teach Helen other words? 

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Expert Answer:

Miss Sullivan faced many difficulties while teaching Helen. However, Helen was a bright child. To teach her, Miss Sullivan used to spell words on Helen's hand. Miss Sullivan gave Helen a doll to play and tried spelling d-o-l-l in her hand, which at once caught Helen’s fancy.
She would also make Helen touch things and help her feel the pronunciation of words by holding her hand against the throat.
Helen used to ask her teacher many questions about things around her, and children playing was one of them. Miss Sullivan used the same technique to familiarize her with outdoor games and activities. The more Helen felt and sensed things, the more familiar she became with the outside world. 
One fine day, Helen had brought Miss Sullivan violets from the garden. Extremely touched by this gesture, Miss. Sullivan tried to place a kiss on Helen's cheek. But when she showed displeasure in getting kissed, Miss. Sullivan spelt out, "I love Helen", on her hand. Always being the curious one, Helen asked what love is. Miss. sullivan tried explaining to Helen by pointing the finger to her heart saying love is here'. However, Helen was still confused. She had the first conscious perception of love when she tried to string beads of different sizes in symmetrical groups and was making mistakes in the sequences. So when Miss Sullivan touched her forehead and spelled with decided emphasis, "Think". When probed again by Helen that the Sun, inspite of showers, broke forth in all its southern splendour, is what love is, Miss. Sullivan calmly explained to her that love can't be touched just its impact can be felt and everyone would be filled with lot of happiness. Once she recognised what love is, she felt invicible lines streched between her spirit and others.

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