Helen wanted to express herself but she could not be understood. Describe the situation at that time  .

Asked by pdcavita | 29th Nov, 2017, 09:22: PM

Expert Answer:

The loss of her sight and hearing greatly complicated the process of learning to speak for the young Helen. It was enormously difficult for her to communicate when she wanted to express herself to the outside world. Helen was unable to express her feelings or needs through words because she had not yet learned how to talk; she could not point to words or symbols because she could not see them. The result was that she was isolated in frustration and inability to communicate effectively. She states that the few signs she used became less and less adequate and her failures were invariably followed by outbursts of passion. She felt as if invisible hands were holding her down; she made frantic efforts to free herself. The spirit of resistance was strong within me so she struggled, not that struggling helped matters. She, generally, break down in tears and physical exhaustion. She used to crept into her mother's arms, too miserable even to remember the cause of the tempest. Her mother affectionately soothes her pain as she suffered. 

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