Helen had frequent outbursts of temper. But while traveling, she remained happy throughout. How? 

Asked by pdcavita | 29th Nov, 2017, 09:25: PM

Expert Answer:

Helen's had frequent outbursts of temper was born out of her inability to communicate or express herself. The frantic struggle and outbursts occured daily as the need to make herself understood became urgent. However, on her journey to Baltimore, Helen was quite pleasant throughout. She made friends with the people on the train. Helen's dad helped her in making holes in a box of shells, gifted to her by a lady, so that she can string them. This kept her happy and content. She played with the ticket conductor's punch and went around with him as he collected and punched the tickets. When a doll, made out of towels, was given to Helen, she noticed that it didn't have any eyes. To provide the doll with eyes, she pulled two beads out of her aunt's cape and indicated to her that she wants them to be sewed on the doll. Once the doll had its eyes, Helen was again delighted. Because there were so many things to keep her mind occupied, Helen didn't have one fit of temper and was happy throughout the journey to Baltimore.

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