Functions of election commission on the basis of following points
(1) preparation of electoral rolls.
(2) delimitations of constituencies.
(3) fixing the election dates.
(3) security of nomination dates.
(4) allotment of election.
(5) printing of wallot papers or preparing the EVM machines.
(6) checking undue interfarance of the party in power.
(7) holding of election and declaration of result.

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Expert Answer:

Functions of the Election Commission are as follows:
Preparation of Electoral Rolls - The election commission has to prepare the electroal roll of all the persons who are adults and are eligible for voting in the elections. The electroal roll is extremely important as it is used for the identification of voters.
Delimitation of Constituencies - In order to maintain the essentially representative character of parliamentary democracy, constituencies of citizens have to be delimited every now an then. The Election Commission performs this important function in order to ensure that the candidates serve the electorate instead of mere vote banks.
Fixing the Election Dates - The election dates have to be finalised taking into consideration several factors like the security preparations and the personnel avilability for the conducting of polls.
Printing of Ballot Papers or Preparing the EVM Machines - As the body respnsible for the conduction of democractic elections, the Election Commission has to oversee all aspects of the printing of ballot papers or the deployment of the EVM machines.
Checking Undue Interference of the Party in Power - Through its rigorous and thoroughly impartial handling of the elections, the Election Commission is responsible for making sure that the party in power does not try to influence the election results by manipulating the government apparatus.
Holding of Election and the Declaration of Results - The Election Commission has to oversee the whole process of the conduction of the elections and has to stand viglant at evry step so as to preserve the sanctity of the process. Also, after ensuring a correct count, it has to declare the result of the elections.
(the point 3 and 4 are not written correctly. Since there is a doubt as to their veracity, they are not explained.)

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 8th Dec, 2014, 06:54: PM

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