Following is the diagram of the external view of the brain.

(a) Name the parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

(b) Mention the difference in the arrangement of the nerve cells in parts marked 1 and 4.

(c) What is the main function of parts marked 3 and 4?

(d) Name the sheet of nerve fibres that connects the two halves of the part labeled 1.

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Expert Answer:

    1. Cerebrum
    2. Cerebellum
    3. Medulla oblongata
    4. Spinal cord 


1.(Cerebrum) – Cell bodies are in the cortical region i.e. on the outer side which form the  grey matter and axons are located in the medulla i.e. on the inner side which form the white matter.

4.(Spinal Cord)- Cell bodies are in located in the medullary region i.e. on the inner side   which form grey matterand axons are located in the cortex i.e. on the outer side which form the white matter.


3.(Medulla Oblongata) – Controls the activities of the internal organs and involuntary  reflexes like respiration, breathing, etc.

4.(Spinal Cord) - Mediates reflex actions. It also conducts impulses to and from the brain.

d.Corpus callosum.










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