Explain the structure of bio gas (gobargas) plant in brief?  With schematic diagram. 

Asked by pdcavita | 24th Nov, 2017, 08:42: AM

Expert Answer:

Structure of a biogas (gobar gas) plant:

The biogas plant is a dome-like structure made of bricks and cement. It consists of the following five compartments:

  • Mixing tank: Present above the ground level.
  • Inlet chamber/tank: The mixing tank opens underground into a sloping inlet chamber.
  • Digester: The inlet chamber opens from below into the digester. The digester is a huge tank with a dome-like ceiling. The ceiling of the digester has an outlet with a valve for the supply of biogas.
  • Outlet chamber/tank: The digester opens from below into an outlet chamber.
  • Overflow tank: The outlet chamber opens from the top into a small overflow tank.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 24th Nov, 2017, 05:04: PM