Asked by pri.gouri | 18th Nov, 2015, 06:18: PM

Expert Answer:

A democracy's success is measured by the impartiality and validity of its election process. There are many countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh where results of national and local elections are regularly questioned by political parties. There are still others, like Zimbabwe and Syria, where the entire election exercise is seen as a farce to sustain existing dictators in power. In this context, the election process in India is seen as very ligitimate. Most importantly, it is conducted by a professional body like the Election Commission of India. Since India is the biggest democracy in the world in terms of voting population, the entire exercise of electing the public representiatives for India Parliament and State Llegislative Assemblies is very cumbersome and long drawn out. However, notwithstanding the use of heavy manpower and funds, the elections in India bring to the table something much more important - a legitimate and truly democratic legislature and government. Therefore, altough it can be said that elections in India are a costly affair, it is worth it and is in fact necessary for the sustenance of our democracy.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 19th Nov, 2015, 11:49: AM

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