Discuss the features of monsoon deciduous forest?
what product are obtained  from the forest of india?

Asked by sanatanblue | 28th Dec, 2015, 12:39: PM

Expert Answer:

Characteristics of the Monsoon deciduous forests are:

  • Monsoon deciduous forests are generally found in the regions experiencing monsoon type of climate.
  • These trees shed their leaves for about six to eight weeks in summer.
  • Monsoon deciduous forests can be classified into the moist deciduous forests and the dry deciduous forests. 
  • The moist deciduous forests are found in wet regions which receive rainfall ranging between 100-200 cms annually. 
  • The dry deciduous forests are found in those areas where annual rainfall ranges from 100-150 cm annually.
  • Monsoon forests are especially well developed in Southeast Asia and are typified by tall teak trees and thickets of bamboo.

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