Detailed explaination of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE

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 Here is a point wise summary of 'The Merchant of Venice'. 
-       Bassanio asks for money from Antonio since he wants to court Portia a woman from a wealthy family.

-       Antonio fails to provide him with the loan so he asks Bassanio to get the loan from a moneylender and Antonio will be the loans guarantor.

-       Bassanio asks Shylock for money.

-        Shylock hates Antonio as the latter has insulted the former numerous times and had also offered interest-free loans to people which in turn had affected Shylock’s business.

-       Shylock agrees to give Bassanio the loan since Antonio would be paying him back.

-       Looking at Antonio’s business, Shylock knew that repaying the loan would be difficult.

-       So he gives Bassanio a loan of three thousand ducats with no interest.

-       He places a condition: If the loan is not paid, Shylock will cut out a pound of Antonio’s flesh.

-       Shylock’s daughter is in love with Antonio’s friend Lorenzo and she elopes with him.

-       Bassanio go to Belmont to win Portia’s hand in marriage.

-       In order to marry her, he is supposed to pick a right casket.

-       Bassanio picks the lead casket and wins Portia’s hand in marriage.

-       Portia gives him a ring. She tells him to keep it safe with him and not give it to anyone else.

-       Antonio announces that he has lost his ship and cannot repay the loan to Shylock.

-       Shylock now wants Antonio’s flesh and does not listen to Portia’s pleas.

-       Portia dresses up like a lawyer.

-       She tells Shylock that while he can take Antonio’s flesh, he should not spill blood.

-       Shylock knows that this is a trick and refuses to take Antonio’s flesh.

-       She blames him of conspiring to kill Antonio and demands that he give half his wealth to the government and half to Antonio.

-       Antonio decides to forgo the Shylocks wealth on two conditions.

#1 He should convert to Christianity.

#2 He should bequeath all his money to Lorenzo and Jessica.

-       Shylock agrees.

-       Not knowing she is Portia, Bassanio praises the lawyer. He is asked to part with the ring Portia gave him which he reluctantly gives.

-       The truth about Portia acting as the lawyer is revealed when Bassanio and his friend Gratiano go back to Belmont. 

We strongly recommend you to read the play and get back to us if there are any doubts.

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