Describe Helen's parents as role model for others parents ?

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Helen's parents are perfect role models of love, care, affection, and responsibilities. They didn't consider Helen as a burden on them
Helen's father, Arthur Keller, as described by her was the most compassionate man who was devoted to his family. Being a great hunter, his gun and dogs were the next thing he loved after his family. The only time he would leave his family was to go hunting. Also, being a gracious host, he seldom went home without a guest. He was a nature lover and gardener by choice who took real pride in the big garden where he had cultivated the finest and the choicest fruits. Helen fondly remembers her father leading her from tree to tree through the garden.
When Helen came to know that she was different from others, it annoyed her; she threw a fit and screamed till she became tired. All her tantrums were excused by her father as he understood her and felt the pain she went through. In her autobiography, Helen clearly recounts her father's caressing touch and also the delight he felt in doing everything that pleased her. Nothing please him more than to have Helen repeat the anecdotes, clumsily written on her hand. He was very persistent in looking for methods to help her out.
Arthur Keller's life revolved around his family. When it was time for Helen's naming, her father wished to name her Mildred Campbell, a highly esteemed ancestor; but because her mother wished to name Helen after her maiden name Helen Exerett, her father obliged without any hesitation. This characteristic of her father clearly shows that for him, his wife and his family were his priority. Her family played an immense role in her educational pursuits. 
Kate Adams was the mother of Helen Keller. She was married to Arthur Keller who was much elder to her. She patiently took care of Helen when she contracted the debilitating illness. Helen remembers her mother affectionately soothing her pain as she suffered from pain. She was a source of tenderness and love for Helen. She worried endlessly for Helen’s well-being. Often staying up late and taking care of her as she cried. Kate nurtured her daughters sense of learning by making her understand about everyday things. Being attached to her mother, Helen was envious of her sister for sharing her mother’s affections. The bond between Kate and Helen was very deep. She was someone whom Helen worshipped and admired deeply.

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