Define the following terms-
_countor ploughing
_terrace farming
_strip cropping
_shelter belts

Asked by ABHILASHA | 23rd May, 2017, 07:36: PM

Expert Answer:

Definition of the following terms:
  1. Countor Plouging: It refers to a type of farming wherein plants/crops are planted/grown following the countors of the land. This is done to prevent any kind of erosion.
  2. Terrrace Farming: It is a type of farming where flat areas are cut off from him hilly or mountainous regions to cultivate/plant crops.
  3. Strip Cropping: It refers to a kind of farming wherein areas are cut into long narrow strips which is then used to  plant/grow crops. It it the most effective form of prevention of soils.
  4. Shelter Belts: They are line of trees or shrubs planted on the boundaries of the field in such a manner so as to protect them from fierce weather or protect the soil from eroding.
  5. Gullies: It is a gully/trench created in the earth due to running water. It generally has rain water running in it and typically takes place on a hill side.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 24th May, 2017, 06:50: PM

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