As the Wedding guest, write a diary entry expressing your conclusions after listening to the tale of the ancient mariner. Highlight the values and morals you have learnt from the experience. (Value-based, answer in about 120 words each)

Asked by Ŝũmiť Ğőyãĺ | 14th Nov, 2014, 10:22: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Diary,

I met an old shrivelled mariner who was cursed to live his life retelling the tale of his terrible folly. He brought a curse upon himself and his crew by shooting a good-natured albatross who had led their ship out of danger. His actions brought the wrath of the ocean spirit. Today he walks the face of the earth, telling his tale of ingratitude to everyone he meets. Through his tale, I have learnt the spirit of god comes to us in various forms and every form of life is a reflection of him. One should never injure a hand that helps one. Every form of live, small or weak, has to be respected. 

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 15th Nov, 2014, 04:08: PM

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