anwer the following questions in 30-40 words each :

(A) why did gladolia decide to leave her job at the hallocks ?

Asked by pdcavita | 1st Feb, 2018, 06:04: PM

Expert Answer:

Gladolia is an African maid servant who works in the house of Hallocks. She was quite superstitious and so, is afraid of ghosts and hoodoos. So, when the ghost of Helen wanted to contact John, then she felt it to be dangerous to live in a house where the people are in a contact of ghosts. So, she decided to quit the job and leave the house of Hallocks. It was she only because of whom the real thing came into the reach of all as when she kept the Ouija board in flame the ghost of Helen came in front of Lavinia.

Answered by  | 2nd Feb, 2018, 11:38: AM

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