ABC is a right triangle at right angled at A and AD is a median. BA  is produced to E such that AB = AE and join ED. AB = 6 , BC = 10 cm , find the artea of triangle BED?              

Asked by nisha_vini29 | 17th Jan, 2018, 12:44: AM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style AC equals 8..... pythagoras
SinB equals AC over BC equals 8 over 10
SinB equals OD over BD space equals 8 over 10
OD over 5 space equals 8 over 10
OD equals 4
Area space of space increment BED equals 1 half cross times OD cross times BE
end style

Answered by Arun | 18th Jan, 2018, 12:57: PM

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