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ICSE Class 9 Answered

<div>400 g of wax at 10 deg. celcius is heated to 80 deg. celcius, when it starts melting. On complete melting wax is further heated so that temp. rises to 130 deg. celcius.Calculate (i) heat energy reqd. to bring wax to its melting point (ii) heat energy reqd. to melt the wax (iii) heat energy required to bring the molten wax to 130 deg. celcius ? ( sp. heat capacity of solid wax = 1.5 J/g/c, sp. heat capacity of liquid wax = 1.8 J/g/c and sp. latent heat of wax = 80 J/g )</div>
Asked by nisha_vini29 | 04 Jul, 2016, 09:20: AM
Expert Answer
Kindly refer the following link:
Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 04 Jul, 2016, 10:32: AM

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