1." war shattered their[nicola and jocopo] home but not the sprit" comment
2. nicola and jocopo felt thankful to the narrator as the two brothers write a letter to the narrator
3.do you think that the frog is fair in in his judgement of nightingale in song . give reason 
4.why was the nightingale greatly flattered and impressed by the observation of the self style critise
5. write a diary enter as mrs.packletide on your shooting of a tiger .

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Nicola and Jacopo are two 'true gentlemen' who decided to show courage and maturity even in adversity. Though, belonging to a rich family, post their father's demise in the war, they along with their sister, Lucia, were cast out of their home. Lucia, though, a good singer was diagnosed with tuberculosis of spine. Both of them, then, thrived day and night, doing all kind of odd jobs, to provide for their sister's treatment. They did not consider any work to be menial. They were bend but not broken. The war definitely caused them a great deal of turmoil but their devotion and nobility stayed which made them fight through all the odds. 

Answered by Athira | 13th Jun, 2017, 06:58: PM

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