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Water Of Crystallisation

CBSE X Chemistry

What does one mean by Water of Crystallisation?

Asked by Sid_236 28th April 2008 3:28 PM
Answered by Expert

CBSE XII Science Chemistry Coordination Compounds

Please answer the following question and also explain the structure of CuSO4.5H2O

Asked by Balbir 22nd June 2018 2:07 PM
Answered by Expert

CBSE XI Science Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

13.4g of a sample of unstable hydrated salt : Na2So4.xH2O was found to contain 6.3g of water. Determine the number of water of crystallisation.

Asked by dineshchem108 14th July 2018 7:46 PM
Answered by Expert

ICSE X Chemistry Study of Acids, Bases and Salts

what is water of crystilisation   

Asked by sheebarose 19th July 2018 6:46 AM
Answered by Expert

ICSE VIII Chemistry Water

what is water of crystallisation ? give the name and formulae of any five salts that have water of crystallisation.

Asked by nathsantanukumar 23rd August 2018 5:50 PM
Answered by Expert

CBSE X Chemistry Acids, Bases and Salts

mention the colour of FeSO4.7H2O crystals. How does this colour change upon heating. Give balanced  chemical equation for the change

Asked by neenat16 11th September 2018 2:26 PM
Answered by Expert

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