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Ques 5

It is multiple answer ques with more than one options correct

Asked by rbhatt16 23rd August 2018, 7:53 AM
Answered by Expert
tube light specification:-  60V operating voltage, 60 W power consumption , hence current drawn by tube light = 1A.
tube light resistance is calculated from eqn. : P = V2/R  , we get resitance R = 60Ω.
The effective impedence required to limit the current to 1 A for the 100V AC power supply = 100/1 = 100 Ω. 
Hence we need impedence of additional 40Ω .
This additional 40Ω can be obtained by adding 40Ω resistor in series
If we need to connect capacitor in series, the required capacitance is calcultaed using the formula,  XC = 1/(Cω) 
where XC is the impedence, C is the capacitance and ω is angular frequency
40 = 1/(C×2π×50) or C = ( 250/π ) μF
If we need to connect Inductor in series, the required inductance is calcultaed using the formula,  XL = Lω 
where XL is the impedence, L is the inductance and ω is angular frequency
40 = L×2π×50 or L = 2/(5π) Henry
Answered by Expert 23rd August 2018, 5:18 PM
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