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What is the work done or potential energy to bring a charge from infinity to the 1) surface 2) centre of a solid conducting sphere.
All will this change (potential energy caused by sphere only) if any other charge in present near the sphere.

Asked by sureshkalanjoor 14th July 2017, 8:35 PM
Answered by Expert
1) Work done in bringing a charge 'q' from infinity to the surface of the sphere is dependent on the charge on the sphere and the radius of the sphere. Let us say that the charge on the surface of the sphere of radius R is Q. Therefore, work done is 
begin mathsize 12px style straight W equals straight q open parentheses straight V subscript straight f minus straight V subscript straight i close parentheses equals straight q open parentheses straight V minus 0 close parentheses
therefore straight W equals straight q open parentheses kQ over straight R close parentheses equals kQq over straight R end style
The potential energy is equal to the sum of all work done. In this case, it is U = W = kQq/R.
2) Inside the surface of the conducting sphere, the charges are absent. All the charges are concentrated on the surface itself. So, the work done and potential energy both remain the same as that for the surface.
Answered by Expert 17th July 2017, 1:04 PM
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