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How does Volta's cell works and what is the difference between procedure of Volta's cell and procedure of Electrolysis?

Asked by armanoza 13th September 2016, 5:26 PM
Answered by Expert
Working of Volta's cell: 
1. When the bulb is connected between the two plates (copper and zinc plates), the negatively chraged zinc plate pushes the free elctrons present in the conducting wire. The positively charged copper plate pulls them towards itself.
2. In this way, the electrons inside the bulb flow from the negative pole towards the positive pole and bulb lights up. This means that the conventional current flows from the positive pole towards the negative pole through the conducting wire.
3. The electric cell or the battery can thus establish electric potential difference and electric current can be obtained with its help.
Difference between the procedure of Volta's cell and electrolysis:
1. In volta's cell the flow of electric current in the metal is due to free electrons. In case of electroysis, the flow is due to positive and negative ions.
2. In volta's cell the free electrons move from the negative terminal towards the positive terminal of the battery. But, in electrolysis the negative ions move from towards the anode and the positive ions move towards the cathode.
3. There is no chemical effect observed in Vola's cell but heatnig effect is observed. In electrolysis chemical reaction takes place when electric curretn is passed through the electrolyte.
Answered by Expert 14th September 2016, 6:45 PM
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