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an athlete of mass 87.4 kg jumps off the ground. the peak of his jump is 2.2m given that the athlete is completely stationary at the peak what was his take off velocity

Asked by saimassive007 7th July 2019, 10:29 PM
Answered by Expert
At peak of his jump, athelet's total energy is potential energy = m×g×h  ..................(1)
When he kicks off from the ground total energy is kinetic energy = (1/2)×m×v2 .............(2)
where m is mass of athelet, h is height he jumped , v is the take off velocity at staring time
and g is acceleration due to gravity
By conservation of energy, we have,   m×g×h = (1/2)×m×v2 .................(3)
Hence from (3),  begin mathsize 14px style v space equals space square root of 2 cross times g cross times h end root space equals space square root of 2 cross times 9.8 cross times 2.2 end root space almost equal to space 6.57 space m divided by s end style
Answered by Expert 8th July 2019, 9:58 AM
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Tags: velocity
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