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A sample of ideal gas having cp/cv =1.4 is heated at constant pressure. If 100J of heat is supplied to the gas the work done by the gas is? A-28.57,B-56.54,C-38.92,D-65.38

Asked by Priyanka 7th November 2017, 2:36 PM
Answered by Expert
for the process with constant pressure.
begin mathsize 12px style increment Q equals C p increment T
increment U equals C v increment T
increment W equals R increment T
C p equals open parentheses fraction numerator r R over denominator r minus 1 end fraction close parentheses equals fraction numerator 1.4 x 8.314 space over denominator 1.4 minus 1 end fraction equals 29 space J divided by K

fraction numerator increment Q over denominator increment U end fraction equals fraction numerator C p increment T over denominator C v increment T end fraction equals 1.4

increment U equals fraction numerator 100 over denominator 1.4 end fraction equals 71.42 space J

increment T equals fraction numerator increment Q over denominator C p end fraction equals 100 over 29 equals 3.45 space K

increment W equals R increment T equals 8.314 X 3.45 equals 28.668 space J
O p t i o n space A space end style
Answered by Expert 6th December 2017, 2:52 PM
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