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1)))))Force=X/ density
find X???
2))))) F=at+b tsq. find dimensions of a abd b?

Asked by san2jay2020 20th March 2017, 6:40 PM
Answered by Expert
begin mathsize 12px style Given space that space Force equals straight X over Density space... left parenthesis 1 right parenthesis
Unit space of space Force space left parenthesis product space of space mass space and space acceleration right parenthesis space equals space Kg. straight m divided by straight s squared
Unit space of space Density space left parenthesis ratio space of space mass space and space volume right parenthesis space equals Kg divided by straight m cubed
Substituitng space the space above space units space in space equation space left parenthesis 1 right parenthesis
We space get space straight X equals fraction numerator Kg squared over denominator straight m squared straight s squared end fraction
Therefore comma space the space dimensions space of space straight X equals open square brackets straight M squared straight L to the power of negative 2 end exponent straight T to the power of negative 2 end exponent close square brackets end style
For the second query, the characters you have posted are not clearly visible to us, therefore, refer the following link for the solution of a similar query:
Answered by Expert 20th March 2017, 7:05 PM
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