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CBSE Exam Class 10 2020 - Study Material

Find the latest CBSE Class 10 Solutions, Sample Papers, Previous Years’ Question Papers, Exam Dates, Preparation Tips & Help at TopperLearning

*In 2019, more than 50% questions in the CBSE Class 10 board exams came from our sample papers.

Important CBSE Updates

CBSE Class 10 MIQ - Most Important Questions 2020

MIQs or Most Important Questions are the questions that our in-house Subject Matter Experts or SMEs create after an intense analysis. Our SMEs thoroughly analyse CBSE Class 10 previous years' papers and have a deep understanding of the questions and concepts that are repeated in the board exams. Our MIQs are based on these exam questions which have a high probability of showing up in the paper. The purpose of MIQs is to help you focus more on the repetitive concepts and get a clear understanding of those. MIQs are not only limited to questions based on theoretical concepts but are also applicable to diagram-based questions. So, after the completion of your revision, you can focus on the important areas. Going through MIQs will help you score predictable marks as well as build confidence for your CBSE Class 10 Exams. So, wait no longer, download our MIQs and score your way to the top!

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CBSE Class 10 Past Years' Papers and Solutions

Apart from going through your school textbooks, it is important that you get enough practice through CBSE Class 10 previous years’ papers. These papers create an exam-like situation for you and acquaint you with the question paper pattern and marking system. After you finish your revision, solve as many previous years’ question papers as possible to get familiar with the questions and hone your skills. The NCERT solutions for the CBSE Class 10 Exam on our website ensure that students get maximum exposure to a wide variety of concepts and topics for their pre-board exams and board exams. Additionally, the availability of CBSE Class 10 previous years' question papers will make you an expert on managing time for your board exams. This practice is advised to everyone for primarily two reasons—time management and understanding a wide variety of questions. Start your revision today!

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CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers and Solutions 2020

Our in-house Subject Matter Experts or SMEs are always up to date with the latest trends and question paper pattern. Based on their expertise and in-depth knowledge, our SMEs have created sample question papers for CBSE Class 10 Exam. TopperLearning is known for curating some of the most accurate question papers which easily help students to score more marks. These question papers mirror that ideology. It is important that you get enough revision to ace your pre-board exams and board exams. By sufficiently practising with our sample papers, you can easily deal with the questions that will come your way. Some may be tricky and some easy. Whatever be the scenario, you will be best equipped to deal with every curve-ball you will encounter during the examination. All of this will help you score well in the exams and make you proud of your CBSE Class 10 result 2020.

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CBSE Class 10 NCERT Solutions & Others

For conceptual learning and a better understanding of the types of questions that will feature in your CBSE Class 10 exams, we recommend that you go through our textbook solutions for the textbook exercises of the NCERT books. We have solved the questions in these exercises for all chapters in the textbook and have explained all of them in a detailed step-wise manner. We have also solved the exercise questions in the RD Sharma books, RS Aggarwal & V Aggarwal books and Lakhmir Singh & Manjit Kaur books to help you understand better and to enhance your ability to solve a wide variety of questions from these books. Solving textbook exercises acts as a stepping stone to a larger spectrum of the syllabus. Once you confidently start understanding the questions from your textbooks and reference books, you can easily move on to solving more complex concepts and theories. This is how the preparation for your CBSE Class 10 exam becomes thorough. So, if you have just started your journey, start from here and ease your way into other and broader questions.

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CBSE Class 10 Video Lessons

We understand that a lot of concepts, theories, diagrams etc. cannot be understood clearly just by reading and solving papers. Those need special attention and are understood well when someone explains them to you. For this reason, our academic experts regularly release videos that are based on applications (problem solving) and concepts that are complex and need more attention and revision. These videos create a classroom-like environment and the experts explain every minute detail. Our videos are not just restricted to recorded sessions. We also conduct live sessions for students to interact and ask their questions and doubts to our experts. With a 360-degree approach to learning, we ensure that we help you in every format to score the best you can in your Class 10 CBSE exam. Once you have achieved understanding, scoring automatically follows. So, go ahead and make the most of these videos!

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Exam Guidance

To help you get maximum practice for the CBSE Class 10 exam, our curriculum is designed in such a way that you have access to multiple sample papers, past years’ papers, most important questions and course materials. Also, initiatives like ask the expert (where you leave a question and the expert answers your query within 24 hours) and webinars (interactive sessions with experts) ensure that you are heard too. When we talk about a holistic approach and complete preparation for the exam, we mean the entire journey starting from course material to model question papers. If followed religiously, you can easily score more marks and have a good understanding of the concepts.

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