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I have seen many students go from being the average students to the top of the class. Online Tests and Study Material helps the students to gain enough practice before the exams.
The Topper Video Lessons are comprehensive and to the point. Introduction to the topic is interesting and arouses the curiosity of the student. The explanation of concepts is also clear and concise.
Classroom teaching cannot be substituted but it can most definitely be supported. A channel like Topper had great value in this regard by helping children to think independently and concentrate better.
Topper Video Lessons are very contemporary. The teachers are friendly, yet maintain a position where the student would respect their opinion. Their connections to real life are things that particular age group can relate to.
We all know that audio-visual medium is a better way of explaining and educating the students. It not only makes learning fun but also gives the message more clearly and precisely. Topper is a very good amalgamation of good teaching and good learning methods.
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