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Previous Year Question Papers

Do you know the smart way to prepare for exams? It is definitely previous year question papers! Prepared by experts, these papers are a sure-shot way to ace those exams. These papers familiarise students with the types of questions to expect in their paper and the marking scheme. Previous years question papers are an apt revision tool and help boost confidence while also giving you that extra edge.

  • Students know the types of questions to expect in the exam paper
  • Students can plan on how to attempt the paper and understand the marking scheme
  • Prepared by subject matter experts
  • Apt for revision

Sample Papers

Isn't expert guidance always the best? We know that it is. So, we have got experts to prepare sample papers which are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the various education boards in the country. These papers will help students get exam-ready and give them the confidence to score those high marks. Created with an examination perspective, they cover important concepts and help in self-evaluation.

  • Familiarise students with the pattern of the paper
  • Cover all subjects for Class 6 to 12
  • Help to understand the marking scheme
  • Model solutions for self-evaluation
  • Vast collection of CBSE sample papers

Question Bank

Excelling in exams holds great importance for students, and the key to that is practice. With our exhaustive question bank, we give you access to our vast collection of Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions and objective questions such as Fill in the Blanks and True or False. Importantly, the most apt solutions have been provided to assist learning. So, practise away!

  • Unrestricted practice questions and tests
  • Revision of important concepts
  • Solutions for every test

Topper TV Videos

It has been proven that visuals have a great impact on the mind; hence, we believe that video lessons are a great way to study. Concepts are lucidly explained for enhanced understanding. Topper TV videos are engaging and use animation, demos and real-life illustrations to help in better recall.

  • 2D and 3D animation lead to engagement and stickiness
  • Laboratory demos
  • Real-life illustrations

Revision Notes

Our revision notes make last minute studying a breeze. Designed in a format which is easy to grasp and remember, these revision notes give students that extra edge to attempt their exams with confidence.

  • Important concepts which are simple to understand and remember
  • Learning made fun with illustrations and diagrams
  • Aid as a time-saving tool

Textbook Solutions

Find answers to all the questions in your textbook with these solutions. Detailed out step-by-step by teachers and experts, these model solutions are a priceless aid for students while learning, preparing for the exams and for assistance while studying.

  • Detailed solutions prepared by experts and teachers
  • Step-by-step model solutions to all questions
  • Helpful aid during exam preparation
  • Textbook solutions for all classes

Ask The Expert

Getting stuck with a problem again and again and looking for expert guidance? Look no further and post your questions online on our Ask The Expert Helpdesk. You can seek answers to those tricky problems and solve them in minutes. Our Science and Math experts will be more than happy to respond to your queries and will try and do so at the earliest.

  • Get your queries from the comfort of your home
  • Expert help and guidance

Generate A Test

Generate A Test has been custom made for you. This engine will generate a string of infinite customised tests to suit your learning needs. Choose from an array of multiple choice questions and assess yourself. We give you the flexibility to combine chapters in a subject, difficulty levels and more. So, what are you waiting for? Get started!


Now access the entire syllabus for the current academic year at the click of a button. Prepared according to the latest guidelines issued by the Board, the syllabus gives you an idea of chapters and topics which will be covered in the academic year in a nutshell. With the syllabus being segmented semester-wise, you can plan for assignments and projects in advance, and map out your study schedule carefully. Exam preparation is made easy giving you the much-needed head start for a fruitful academic year.

  • Entire syllabus at a glance
  • Exam preparation made easy
  • Semester-wise segmentation

Live Chat with Experts

The exam season is the time when students look for last-minute help, especially in the last few weeks. Keeping these challenges in mind, TopperLearning has launched Live Chat with Subject Experts. With the Live Chat, students need look no further for expert guidance. They can interact with knowledgeable subject experts to clear their doubts in the shortest possible time. Get exam ready and get more marks with TopperLearning’s Live Chat with Subject Experts!

  • Clear doubts in the shortest possible time
  • Doubts clarified by subject experts
  • Exam preparation made easy