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Measurement of Density and Speed ICSE Class 7

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Measurement of Density and Speed Notes

Read ICSE Class 7 Physics topic notes for Measurement of Density and Speed from the chapter Physical Quantities and Measurement .

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Measurement of Density and Speed Tests

Physical Quantities and Measurement Measurement of Density and Speed Doubts and Solutions

Asked by mailme.hirita 18th April 2019, 11:00 AM
Asked by Bhagatrakesh094 16th April 2019, 2:28 PM
You are provided with a piece of rock and common laboratory equipment. How will you proceed to find its density? Diagrams not required. Briefly describe how you will find experimentally the density of milk with a density bottle. How does the density of a gas change with the rise in its temperature? On the basis of change of density with the change in temperature, explain how do the liquids get heated up, when heated in a vessel. How does the density of gases change with the rise in temperature? (a) Define density. (b) State units of density briefly. Describe conversion of the units of density in CGS system and SI system by giving an example. (a) What do you mean by speed? (b) State units of speed briefly. Describe uniform speed with an example. Describe non-uniform speed with an example. The mass of a wooden block is 200 g and volume is 250 cm3. Find the density of wooden block in (a) gcm-3            (b) kgm-3. The mass of 50 cm3 milk is 51.5 g. Find density of milk in (a) gcm-3              (b) kgm-3. A piece of lead has a volume 50 cm3 and density 11.5 gcm-3. Find the mass of the piece of lead. The density of mercury is 13.6 gcm-3. Find the mass of 25 cm3 of the mercury. The mass of an ice block is 125 g. If density of ice is 0.92 gcm-3, find the volume of ice block. A silver block has mass 200 g and its density is 10.3 gcm-3. Find the volume of the silver block. A horse runs a distance of 1200 m in 3 min and 20 s. What is the speed of horse? A car is moving at a speed of 15 ms-1. In how much time it will cover a distance of 1.2 km? A bus is moving at 20 ms-1. How much distance in kilometers will the bus cover in 25 minutes? A car travels 20 km in 20 minute. Find the speed of car (a) kmh-1,               (b) ms-1. How long will a train take to travel a distance of 250 km with a speed of 80 kmh-1? A girl travels with a speed of 8 ms-1 for 15 minutes. How much distance does she travel?
Asked by sanketgadkari786 12th April 2019, 4:23 PM
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