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NCERT Solution for Class 9 Civics Chapter 5 - Working of Institutions

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NCERT Textbook Solutions are considered extremely helpful when preparing for your CBSE Class 9 Civics exams. TopperLearning study resources infuse profound knowledge, and our Textbook Solutions compiled by our subject experts are no different. Here you will find all the answers to the NCERT textbook questions of Chapter 5 - Working of Institutions.

All our solutions for Chapter 5 - Working of Institutions are prepared considering the latest CBSE syllabus, and they are amended from time to time. Our free NCERT Textbook Solutions for CBSE Class 9 Civics will strengthen your fundamentals in this chapter and can help you to score more marks in the examination. Refer to our Textbook Solutions any time, while doing your homework or while preparing for the exam.

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NCERT Solution for Class 9 Civics Chapter 5 - Working of Institutions Page/Excercise 93

Solution 1

c. Ask for reconsideration of a bill passed by both the Houses.

Solution 2

c. Home Minister

Solution 3

a. Every law passed by the Parliament needs approval of the Supreme Court.

NCERT Solution for Class 9 Civics Chapter 5 - Working of Institutions Page/Excercise 94

Solution 4

d. The Parliament

Solution 5

A new policy is being made to increase the jute exports from the country.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Telephone services will be made more accessible to rural areas.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology 

The price of rice and wheat sold under the Public Distribution System will go down.

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Public Distribution 

A pulse polio campaign will be launched.

Ministry of Health 

The allowances of the soldiers posted on high altitudes will be increased.

Ministry of Defence

Solution 6

  1. Lok Sabha
  2. The Parliament
  3. The Supreme Court
  4. The Executive

Solution 7

The most appropriate answer is (a). This is because in India, only the leader of the majority party/parties in the Lok Sabha can become the Prime Minister. Moreover, if the directly elected Prime Minister who does not have the support of majority is appointed as the Prime Minister, there are chances that policies or laws suggested by him would not be passed in the Lok Sabha. This would lead to government being run ineffectively.

Solution 8

Such films are only for entertainment purposes as real life is strikingly different. Governance in a democracy means taking everyone along with you. In addition, in a vast and diverse country like India, it is very difficult to consider only an individual's decision. Moreover, decision implementation needs to be coordinated among various organs of the government.

NCERT Solution for Class 9 Civics Chapter 5 - Working of Institutions Page/Excercise 95

Solution 9

I would choose to have a majority in the mock Lok Sabha. This is because of the following reasons:

  1. The leader of the Lok Sabha is directly answerable to the public, as they are directly elected by them.
  2. Any ordinary law needs to be passed by both the houses. However, in an undecided situation, the decision of Lok Sabha always prevails due to more members.
  3. Lok Sabha exercises more power in cases related to money bills as they originate here.
  4. The Council of Ministers are controlled by the Lok Sabha.
  5. Lok Sabha has more powers compared to the Rajya Sabha.

Solution 10

The correct option is (b).

TopperLearning provides step-by-step solutions for each question in each chapter in the NCERT textbook. Access Chapter 5 - Working of Institutions here for free.

Our NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Civics are by our subject matter experts. These NCERT Textbook Solutions will help you to revise the whole chapter, and you can increase your knowledge of Civics. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with our counsellor today!

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