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The Solid State CBSE Class 12 science

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CBSEXII| CHEMISTRYMOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONSwww.topperlearning.com2CBSEClass XII ChemistryMost Important QuestionsChapter 1: The Solid State1.What is the formula of a compound in which the element Y forms hcp lattice and atoms of X occupy 2/3rdof tetrahedral voids?[1M]2.Givean example each of a molecular solid and an ionic solid.[1M]3.An element with density 2.8gcm-3forms a fccunit cellwith edgelength 4 × l0-8cm. Calculate the molar mass of the element.[2M](Given: NA=6.022 × 1023mol-1)4.[2M](i)What type of non-stoichiometric point defect is responsible for the pink colour of LiCl?(ii)What type of stoichiometric defect is shown by NaCl? 5.How will you distinguish between the following pairs of terms?[2M](i)Tetrahedral and octahedral voids(ii)Crystal lattice and unit cell 6.Tungsten crystallizes in body centred cubic unit cell. If the edge of the unit cell is 315.5pm, what is the radius of tungsten atom? [3M]7.Iron has a body centred cubic unit cell with a cell dimension of 286.65 pm,the density of iron is 7.874 gcm-3. Use this information to calculate Avogadro's number. (At.Mass of Fe = 55.845 μ).[3M]8.An element with density 10 gcm−3forms a cubic unit cell with edge length of 3 × 10−8cm. What is the nature of the cubic unit cell if the atomic mass of the element is 81 gmol−1? [3M] CBSEXII| CHEMISTRYMOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONSwww.topperlearning.com39.(a)An element has a body centered cubic structure with a cell edge of 288 pm. Thedensity of the elements is 7.2 gcm-3. Calculate the number of atoms present is 208 g of the element.[3M](b) With example explain difference between crystalline and amorphous solids. [2M]Chapter 2: Solutions1.A 1.00 molal aqueous solution of trichloroacetic acid (CCl3COOH) is heated to its boiling point. The solution has the boiling
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