SELINA Solutions for Class 9 Maths ICSE

In ICSE Class 9, Mathematics is one of the lengthiest and challenging subjects of all as it contains more than 38 chapters. The chapters given inside the textbook are tricky, and students often get confused about what is the right kind of solution. TopperLearning provides Selina Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics so that they can prepare well in their examination. All the Selina textbook solutions are by our subject experts who have tremendous academic experience.

Our Selina Textbook Solutions act as a step-by-step guide and are helpful when doing homework and preparing for the examination. Selina Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics help you to understand concepts better so that you can practise anytime, anywhere. Our solutions are available free of cost and cover all the concepts in detail. Our Selina textbook solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics act as a free guide to leap ahead in your academic life. 

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Mathematics Selina Solutions

Selina Concise Mathematics IX 2020

Chapter-wise list of Selina Solutions for Class 9 Maths ICSE:

chapter 1 - Rational and Irrational Numbers

chapter 2 - Compound Interest (Without using formula)

chapter 3 - Compound Interest (Using Formula)

chapter 4 - Expansion

chapter 5 - Factorisation

chapter 6 - Simultaneous (Linear) Equations (Including Problems)

chapter 7 - Indices (Exponents)

chapter 8 - Logarithms

chapter 9 - Triangles [Congruency in Triangles]

chapter 10 - Isosceles Triangle

chapter 11 - Inequalities

chapter 12 - Mid-point and Its Converse [ Including Intercept Theorem]

chapter 13 - Pythagoras Theorem [Proof and Simple Applications with Converse]

chapter 14 - Rectilinear Figures [Quadrilaterals: Parallelogram, Rectangle, Rhombus, Square and Trapezium]

chapter 15 - Construction of Polygons (Using ruler and compass only)

chapter 16 - Area Theorems [Proof and Use]

chapter 17 - Circle

chapter 18 - Statistics

chapter 19 - Mean and Median (For Ungrouped Data Only)

chapter 20 - Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures

chapter 21 - Solids [Surface Area and Volume of 3-D Solids]

chapter 22 - Trigonometrical Ratios [Sine, Consine, Tangent of an Angle and their Reciprocals]

chapter 23 - Trigonometrical Ratios of Standard Angles [Including Evaluation of an Expression Involving Trigonometric Ratios]

chapter 24 - Solution of Right Triangles [Simple 2-D Problems Involving One Right-angled Triangle]

chapter 25 - Complementary Angles

chapter 26 - Coordinate Geometry

chapter 27 - Graphical Solution (Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations, Graphically)

chapter 28 - Distance Formula


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