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Study Material for Maths, Science, and Social Science

Class 10 demands in-depth conceptual knowledge regarding all the concepts covered in the syllabus. TopperLearning thus provides extensive premium study material for subjects like Maths, Science, and Social Science, including subjects like History, Geography, and Political Science. It covers all the concepts chapter-wise in an easy-to-understand language curated specially by the subject matter experts. It includes concept explanations, illustrations, and study notes. Students can go through these study resources and strengthen their hold on the subjects, thus ensuring maximum marks in the board examination.

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Complimentary Subjects Offered

Along with the core subjects, students will also get access to study material concerning complimentary subjects like English Grammar, Comprehension and Composition, and Hindi Vyakran. It is a free add-on provided exclusively for overall and smooth board exam preparation.

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10,000+ Chapter-wise Questions

Along with the self-study material, students will also enjoy access to 10,000+ practice questions, including every format of board examination questions, including the objective type like True or False, Fill in the blank, and multiple choice. The material will also cover short questions and a chapter-wise list of important questions. Thus, you will know the exam pattern, difficulty level, marks distribution per question, and topic weightage.

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370+ Video Lessons

Subjects like Maths, Science and Hindi Vyakran involve a lot of concepts that need to be explained with the help of visual aids. Thus, students will access 370+ expert-curated video lessons, which will help them prepare their notes and mark important topics in the syllabus. The videos are interestingly designed that explain the concepts step-by-step, making it easy for students to understand.

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130+ Chapter-wise Revision Notes

After completing the self-study sessions, students must revise each chapter for all the subjects for easy remembrance during the examination. Thus, students can access 130+ chapter-wise revision notes that help summarise the concepts for long-term retention. The notes are well-indexed for easy chapter tracking. The revision notes will come in handy during the last-minute exam revisions.

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45+ Sample Papers With Solutions

The best exam preparation can be done with the help of solving the sample papers. It will make students exam ready. You can set a timer and try solving the sample papers following the examination pattern. After completing the paper, you can cross-check your answers with the solutions provided. The solutions are curated by the subject experts so that students can understand the structure of answers necessary for answering board exam questions.

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40+ Past Years’ Solved Question Papers

Students can access the past year's question papers with solutions and get a fair idea of the exam’s difficulty level. It will help in preparing for the exam and cover important topics frequently asked in the exams. Solving previous year's question papers brushes up student knowledge and boosts the self-confidence required for writing the exam.

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Textbook Solutions for Maths, Science, and Social Science

TopperLearning aims to make the academic journey easier for class 10 students by providing complete textbook solutions for Maths, Science, and Social Science subjects, including History, Geography and Political Science. All the solutions cover all chapter-wise questions asked behind every chapter. The solutions are well-indexed so that students can easily find answers to the questions asked in the textbook.

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Access to Ask A Doubt Forum

Students get access to a unique doubt-solving forum, Ask a Doubt, whereby they can post their 5 questions daily. The queries are promptly answered by the subject matter experts who ensure precise and personalised answers for long-term retention and easy understanding.

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