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Question Paper (Section wise)

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Question 1
Positive Marks: 4 / Negative Marks: 1
  • 1)

    A carbon resistor of (47 ± 4.7) kΩ is to be marked with rings of different colours for its indentification. The colour code sequence will be

    1. Yellow-Green - Violet-Gold

    2. Yellow-Violet-Orange-Silver

    3. Violet-Yellow-Orange-Silver

    4. Green-Orange -Violet -Gold

  • 2)

    A set of 'n' equal resistors, of value 'R' each, are connected in series to a battery of emf 'E' and internal resistance 'R'. The current drawn is I. Now, the 'n' resistors are connected in parallel to the same battery. Then the current drawn from battery becomes 10 I. The value of 'n' is

    1. 20

    2. 11

    3. 10

    4. 9

  • 3)

    A battery consists of a variable number 'n' of identical cells (having internal resistance 'r' each) which are connected in series. The terminals of the battery are short-circuited and the current I is measured. Which of the graphs shows the correct relationship between I and n?

  • 4)

    A body initially at rest and sliding along a frictionless track from a height h (as shown in the figure) just completes a vertical circle of diameter AB = D. The height h is equal to

    1. D

  • 5)

    Three objects, A: (a solid sphere), B: (a thin circular disk) and C: (a circular ring), each have the same mass M and radius R. They all spin with the same angular speed ω about their own symmetry axes. The amounts of work (W) required to bring them to rest, would satisfy the relation.

    1. WB > WA > WC

    2. WA > WB > WC

    3. WC > WB > WA

    4. WA > WC > WB

  • 6)

    Which one of the following statements is incorrect?

    1. Friction force opposes the relative motion

    2. Limiting value of static friction is directly proportional to normal reaction

    3. Rolling friction is smaller than sliding friction

    4. Coefficient of sliding friction has dimensions of length

  • 7)

    A moving block having mass m, collides with another stationary block having mass 4m. The lighter block comes to rest after collision. When the initial velocity of the lighter block is v, then the value of coefficient of restitution (e) will be

    1. 0.8

    2. 0.25

    3. 0.5

    4. 0.4

  • 8)

    A tuning fork is used to produce resonance in a glass tube. The length of the air column in this tube can be adjusted by a variable piston. At room temperature of 27°C two successive resonances are produced at 20 cm and 73 cm of column length. If the frequency of the tuning fork is 320 Hz, the velocity of sound in air at 27°C is

    1. 350 m/s

    2. 339 m/s

    3. 330 m/s

    4. 300 m/s

  • 9)

    The electrostatic force between the metal plates of an isolated parallel plate capacitor C having a charge Q and area A is

    1. proportional to the square root of the distance between the plates.

    2. linearly proportional to the distance between the plates.

    3. independent of the distance between the plates.

    4. inversely proportional to the distance between the plates.

  • 10)

    If θ1 and θ2 be the apparent angles of dip observed in two vertical planes at right angles to each other, then the true angle of dip θ is given by:

    1. tan2ϕ  = tan2 ϕ 1 + tan2 ϕ 2

    2. cot2 ϕ  = cot2 ϕ1 - cot2 ϕ 2

    3. tan2ϕ  = tan2 ϕ1  - tan2 ϕ 2

    4. cot2 ϕ  = cot2 ϕ 1 + cot2 ϕ 2

  • 11)

    Two cars moving in opposite directions approach each with speed of 22 m/s and 16.5 m/s respectively. The driver of the first car blows a horn having a frequency 400 Hz. The frequency heard by the driver of the second car is [velocity of sound 340 m/s]

    1. 361 Hz

    2. 411 Hz

    3. 448 Hz

    4. 350 Hz

  • 12)

    Two blocks A and B of masses 3m and m respectively are connected by a massless and inextensible string. The whole system is suspended by a massless spring as shown in figure. The magnitudes of acceleration of A and B immediately after the string is cut, are respectively.

    1. g, g

  • 13)

    A thin prism having refracting angle 10° is made glass of refracting index 1.42. This prism is combination with another thin prism of glass of refracting index 1.7. This combination produces dispersion without deviation. The refracting angle of second prism should be:

    1. 10°

  • 14)

    The acceleration due to gravity at a height 1 km above the earth is the same as at a depth d below the surface of earth. Then:

    1. d = 1km

    2. d= 2 km

  • 15)

    A potentiometer is an accurate and versatile device to make electrical measurements of E. M. F. because the method involves:

    1. potential gradients

    2. a condition of no current flow through the galvanometer

    3. a combination of cells, galvanometer and resistance

    4. Cells

  • 16)

    A spherical black body with a radius of 12 cm radiates 450 watt power at 500 K. If the radius were halved and the temperature doubled, the power radiated in watt would be:

    1. 450

    2. 1000

    3. 1800

    4. 225

  • 17)

    Figure shows a circuit that contains three identical resistor with resistance R = 9.0 Ω each, two identical inductors with inductance L = 2.0 mH each, and an ideal battery with emf ε = 18 V. The current “i” through the battery just after the switch closed is,…

    1. 0.2 A

    2. 2 A

    3. 4 A

    4. 2 mA

  • 18)

    Radiaactive material ‘A’ as decay constant ‘8 λ’ and material ‘B’ has decay constant ‘λ’. Initially they have same number of nuclei. After what time, the ratio of number of muclei of material ‘B’ to that ‘A’ will be

  • 19)

    A light rod of length l has two masses m1 and m2 attached to its two ends. The moment of inertia of the system about an axis perpendicular of the rod and passing through the center of mass is

  • 20)

    Starting from the centre of the each having radius R, the variation of g (acceleration due to gravity) is shown by

  • 21)

    A satellite of mass m is orbiting the earth (or radius R) at a height h from its surface. The total energy of the satellite in term of g0. The value of acceleration due to gravity at the earth’s surface, is

  • 22)

    A rectangular film of liquid is extended from (4cm × 2 cm) to (5 cm × 4 cm). if the work done is 3 × 10-4 J, the value of the surface tension of the liquid is

    1. 8.0 N m-1

    2. 0.250 N m-1

    3. 0.125 N m-1

    4. 0.2 N m-1

  • 23)

    Three liquids of densities ρ1 ρ 2 and ρ 3 (with ρ 1 > ρ 2 > ρ 3), having the same value of surface T, rise to the same height in three identical capillaries. The angles of contact θ1, θ2 and θ3 obey

  • 24)

    Two identical bodies are made of a material for which the heat capacity increase with temperature. One of these is at 100°C, while the other one is at 0°C. if the two bodies are brought into contact, then, assuming no heat loss, the final common temperature is

    1. 0°C

    2. 50°C

    3. more than 50°C

    4. less than 50°C but greater than 0°C

  • 25)

    A body cools from a temperature 3T to 2T in 10 minutes. The room temperature is T. Assume that Newton’s law of cooling is applicable. The temperature of the body at the end of next 10 minutes will be

    1. T

  • 26)

    One mole of an ideal monatomic gas undergoes a process described by the equation PV3 = constant. The heat capacity of the gas during this process is

    1. R

    2. 2 R

  • 27)

    The temperature inside a refrigerator is t2 °C and the room temperature is t1 °C. The amount of heat delivered to the room for each joule of electrical energy consumed ideally will be

  • 28)

    A uniform circular disc of radius 50 cm at rest is free to turn about an axis which is perpendicular to its plane and passes through its centre. It is subjected to a torque which produces a constant angular acceleration of 2.0 rad s-2. Its net acceleration in ms-2 at the end of 2.0 s is approximately:

    1. 8.0

    2. 7.0

    3. 6.0

    4. 3.0

  • 29)

    An electron of mass m and a photon have same energy E. The ratio of de-Broglie wavelengths associated with them is:

  • 30)

    A disk and a sphere of same radius but different masses roll off on two inclined planes of the same altitude and length. Which one of the two objects gets to the bottom of the plane first?

    1. Disk

    2. Sphere

    3. Both reach at the same time

    4. Depends on their masses

  • 31)

    The angle of incidence for a ray of light at a refracting surface of a prism is 45°. The angle of prism is 60°. If the ray suffers minimum deviation through the prism, the angle of minimum deviation and refractive index of the material of the prism respectively, are:

  • 32)

    When an α–particle of mass ‘m’ moving with velocity ‘ν’ bombards on a heavy nucleus of charge ‘Ze’ its distance of closest approach from the nucleus depends on m as: 

    1. m

  • 33)

    A particle of mass 10 g moves along a circle of radius 6.4 cm with a constant tangential acceleration. What is the magnitude of this acceleration if the kinetic energy of the particle becomes equal to 8×10-4 J by the end of the second revolution after the beginning of the motion?

    1. 0.1 m/s2

    2. 0.15 m/s2

    3. 0.18 m/s2

    4. 0.2 m/s2

  • 34)

    The molecules of a given mass of a gas have r.m.s. velocity of 200 ms-1 at 27°C and 1.0 × 105 Nm-2 pressure. When the temperature and pressure of the gas are respectively, 127°C and 0.05 × 105Nm-2, the r.m.s. velocity of its molecules in ms-1 is:

  • 35)

    A long straight wire of radius a carries a steady current I. The current is uniformly distributed over its cross–section. The ratio of the magnetic fields B and B’, at radial distances  and 2a respectively, from the axis of the wire is

    1. 1

    2. 4

  • 36)


  • 37)

    A parallel plate air capacitor has capacity ‘C’, distance of separation between paltes is ‘d’ and potential difference ‘V’ is applied between the plates. Force of attraction between the plates of the parallel plate air capacitor is-

  • 38)

    The position vector of a particle  as a function of time is given by-Where R is in meters, t is in second and  and  denote unit vectors along x and y direction, respectively. Which one of the following statements for the motion of particle?

    1. Magnitude of the velocity of particle is 8 meter/second

    2. Path of the particle is circle of radius 3 meter.

  • 39)

    A series R-C circuit is connected to an alternating voltage source. Consider two situations:

    (i)    When capacitor is air filled

    (ii)  When capacitor is mica filled

    Current through resistor is I and voltage across capacitor is V then:

    1. Va < Vb

    2. Va > Vb

    3. ia > ib

    4. Va = Vb

  • 40)

    A string is stretched between fixed points separated by 75.0 cm. It is observed to have resonant frequencies of 420 Hz and 315 Hz. There are no other resonant frequencies between these two. The lowest resonant frequency for this string is-

    1. 155 Hz

    2. 205 Hz

    3. 10.5 Hz

    4. 105 Hz

  • 41)

    The coefficient of performance of a refrigerator is 5. If the temperature inside freezer is - 20°C, the temperature of the surrounding to which it rejects is

    1. 31°C

    2. 41°C

    3. 11°C

    4. 21°C

  • 42)

    A photoelectric surface is illuminated successively by monochromatic light of wavelenght λ and π/2. If the maximum kinetic energy of the emitted photoelectrons in the second case is 3 times that in the first case, the work function of the surface of the material is-

  • 43)

    In an astronomical telescope in normal adjustment a straight block line of length L is drawn on inside part of objective lens. The eye-piece from a real image of this line. The length of this image is I. The magnification of the telescope is:

  • 44)

    Two slits in Young’s experiment have width in the ratio 1:25. The ratio of the intensity at the maxima and minima in the interference pattern  is:

  • 45)

    Two vessels separately contain two ideal gases A and B at the same temperature, the pressure of A being twice that of B. Under such conditions, the density of A is found to be 1.5 time the density of B. The ratio of molecular weight of A and B is-

    1. 2/3

    2. 3/4

    3. 2

    4. 1/2

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