NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 5(B) - The Invisible Man

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Chapter 5(B) - The Invisible Man Exercise 91

Solution 3

At 9.15 pm, I was driving along Belvedere Street when I noticed something moving in the (a) shadows. On closer examination, I could see two rather (b) suspicious looking men outside House Number 5. I felt certain these men were in the middle of (c) committing a crime, so I stopped my car round the corner and walked (d) directly over to the two suspects. By this time I was in no (e) doubt, that a robbery was taking place. I quietly spoke to the (f) chief of police on my radio to inform him that two men had (g) broken into a house and were trying to steal what looked like a television. At that moment the criminals saw me. I warned them not to move and told them I was (h) arresting them for robbery. I informed them that they could (i) remain silent if they wished and that they could phone their lawyer (j) from the police station. The men said they weren't (k) guilty and that they were just borrowing their friends TV. "You can tell that to the judge when you get to (l) court." I said.

Solution 4

If I were invisible I would help people and the society. I would visit those places where the anti socials wander at large and deter them from committing any crime. I would fail any untoward attempts of terrorists .I would visit the offices of authorities anytime to watch if they are carrying out their duties properly. If I were invisible I would visit hospitals anytime to watch if the doctors are treating the patients properly. I would visit the factories to check if anybody is practising child labour. I will use my invisibility to fight evils in the society and do well for the people.