NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 2(A) - The Final FLight

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Chapter 2(A) - The Final FLight Exercise 21

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(a) A trail to discovery

(b) Spirit of daredevilry

(c) Gateways to the underworld

(d) Sail to adventure

Chapter 2(A) - The Final FLight Exercise 23

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Ncert Solutions Cbse Class 9 English Chapter - The Final Flight

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Ncert Solutions Cbse Class 9 English Chapter - The Final Flight

Chapter 2(A) - The Final FLight Exercise 27

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(1) June 1, 1937

Amelia Earhart with her navigator Fred Noonan departed in Electra from Miami, Florids. She was to make a circumnavigational flight to the globe.

(2) June 17

Electra flew to Calcutta

(3) June 27

They left Bandoeng for Port Darwin, Australia.

(4) June 29

Reached Kae in New Guinea

(5) July 2

Amelia left Lae

(6) July 2 (7:20 hrs)

Amelia provided a position report placing the Electra on course at some 20 miles southwest of the Nukumanu is Islands.

(7) July 2 (8 : 00 GMT)

Amelia made her last radio contact

(8) July 2 (20 : 14 GMT)

Last voice transmissions from Amelia

(9) July 18

The ongoing search of Electra was abandoned by ships in the Howland area.

Chapter 2(A) - The Final FLight Exercise 28

Solution 4

It was the most amazing summer camp that we have ever had. My friend Jonathan and I decided to join the flying-school. There was rigorous training and we gained a lot of expertise, Jonathan in charting the course of flying and I in flying the plane. 25 May 2010 was the Red Letter Day as we were to fly a plane for nearly half an hour without an instructor. At 6:15 GMT we took the flight, Jonathan as a navigator and I the aviator. We remembered all the instructions given at the academy and we were transmitted signals at frequent intervals. The day was clear but windy. We were skirting hills and were flying along the coast. Suddenly, the weather turned turbulent we cabled our position asking for advice. But unfortunately there was no communication from the other end. All of a sudden, we heard an explosion. The fuel tank of our plane caught fire due to the lightning. We immediately decided to abandon the plane and donned the parachutes that were available. We were blown off 55-60 kms away from the coast and we landed in the outskirts of a dense forest. We were uninjured but hungry and thirsty. We ate some wild fruit hoping it was safe. But unluckily it was disastrous for Jonathan as he had dysentery after that. We remembered our instructor's clear and precise instructions in case of such an emergency. We discussed various strategies and decided to implement to the core the life saving strategies. We started exploring the forest. We must have wandered for about an hour or so along the coast when my eyes suddenly fell on something red in the crevice of a big rock. I went closer to it and to my great happiness and relief I saw a raft. It was stowed away in a cosy nook. Oh! What a relief it was! We were successful in rowing our way back. In the meanwhile, the coastal guards were hunting for us. In an instant we were celebrities.

Chapter 2(A) - The Final FLight Exercise 29

Solution 5

It was the summer of 2011. My team mates from 'The Explorer' planned a sudden trip to Kinnaur, one of the 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh. I had heard little of the place and was curious about it. I did all the possible research on the internet about the place and the places to visit. It was decided that we would go ahead till Chitkul pass at Indo-Tibetan border. The idea of touching the border seemed very thrilling to me. We started from Delhi, around 5 o'clock in the evening. We made a stop at highway during night around 10 to have dinner. We crossed Shimla around midnight and got the fuel refilled at Narkanda, late night around 3. We crossed the Jindal hydro project in Karcham. We were relieved to reach our first station, Sangla, 10 o'clock in the morning. We pulled in a guest house and relaxed for the day. The scenic beauty was stupendous. The flora and fauna, the serene environment and Baspa flowing at a distance looked amazing. The glacier streams with trout; royal red apple and cherry trees was the beauty wide spread. We cooked ourselves for the night and spent the time merry-making.

The next morning we started for Chitkul. Chitkul is 24 kms from Sangla Valley. The stretch towards Chitkul, post Raksham is incredible. We did have insecurities, for it had started drizzling and the road was not that wide. We stopped at streams, plucked apples and enjoyed our drive thoroughly. We reached Chitkul village, the last Indian village at Tibetan border. It was an overwhelming experience to watch the beauty the village embraced. We drove a little to reach the end of the road; there a man told us that we had had to walk beyond that point. We were just two to three kilometers away from the border. There was a base camp of ITBP at a little height and we had to track the mountain to reach it, so we started to walk. It was an unconstructed muddy path covered with horse's and donkey's shit. However, the whole experience was great. We went as high to reach rice fields. Flowing beside, Baspa looked beautiful in its monsoon's terrific mood. We felt euphoric to be at such a place, just a kilometer away from the Tibetan border at 15th of August. The return journey however was a little difficult one. It rained continuously. All the streams had turned muddy; the roads were very slippery. We almost escaped a land slide. That was an agonizing moment. The driver needed an extraordinary courage to drive in such conditions. However, we all returned safely by the grace of God.