NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 2(C) - Ordeal in the Ocean

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Chapter 2(C) - Ordeal in the Ocean 34

Solution 1a

Therefore constellation means a group of stars

Clue: Opposite of individual

Solution 1b

Therefore rumbling means a deep thundering sound

Clue: It sounds like a jet plane constantly taking off and landing

Chapter 2(C) - Ordeal in the Ocean 35

Solution 1c

Therefore gigantic means huge in proportion

Clue: "An enormous wave…touching the sky"

Solution 1d

Therefore irresistible means what cannot be avoided

Clue: A force that drags one up

Solution 1e

Therefore swirling means and moving around quickly in circle

Clue: "twisting in all directions"

Solution 1f

Therefore phosphorescent means a dim light

Clue: "a trail of luminous water and my body glittered"

Chapter 2(C) - Ordeal in the Ocean 36

Solution 2

· A person can stay alive if he/she does not catch hypothermia. One must try to stay awake and not let fatigue overpower them. One can stay alive for a day or two at least if enormous waves do not swirl him/her into the depths of the sea.

· One must keep in mind the position of the sun during day and pole star during night to know east and west and north respectively. Thus, one has to remember the direction in which they had to sail to reach the destination and swim accordingly.

· One can face several dangers in the blue. There can be huge water waves that might force drown the person. If the water will be too cold then the person can catch hypothermia. There is danger of sharks and other marine creatures. Thus, there are several risks involved and it is really difficult to escape such a situation. However, there have been cases in which people have been lucky enough.

Chapter 2(C) - Ordeal in the Ocean 39

Solution 4

1. Slava Kurilov was in the water because he... Although nothing much has been provided in the story of how Salva fell in the water, we can assume that he must have slipped off from the liner he was travelling in.

Evidence for this is... No concrete evidence has been provided. However, we can assume so as it has been said that Salva saw hat the liner had vanished over the horizon.

2. His biggest mistake was when he decided to change the course and headed for the south-west before the second night.

3. He decided to die because the third night had already begun and he had no hope of surviving till the dawn,

4. He was carried towards the lagoon when he decided to keep his body horizontally on the crest of the waves.

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Chapter 2(C) - Ordeal in the Ocean 41

Solution 7

Below are given two similes from the last section of the story.

1) I found myself in the air under the crest as if in a cave.

2) My body glittered like some princess's ball-gown.

Solution 8

1. The rock stood like some proud emperor.

2. The waves leapt as if the whole sea was rising.

3. The sea shone like a waving sheet of gold.

4. The sun set like a sighing lover.

5. The rain fell like the whole heaven was crying.

6. The bird soared as if it were born to conquer the sky.

7. Dawn broke like a new born baby.

8. The stars shimmered like diamonds.

9. The wind shook the trees like a human is flabbergasted.

Chapter 2(C) - Ordeal in the Ocean 42

Solution 9

They all have come tonight again

Their charm is not to wither away

The studs from the crown of princes so proud

The twinkle of her eyes in merry or pain

They stretch so far above the heaven

They come like a hope in the darkness so deep

And move with the light that descends to fade

Them in the gloomy night emblazoned

These creatures who do not talk but little

Do they know the silence we hear?

The distance they mourn, oh! how they wish

To adorn this world, they do jostle