NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 1(C) - Can You Know People You Haven't Met

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Chapter 1(C) - Can You Know People You Haven't Met 16

Solution 2

1.In the first stanza, the poet refers to four pieces of evidence: large shoes, a long bed, the Bible, fields cluttered with boulders and a leaky barn. This leads the poet to conclude that 'the man of the house' was large and tall, a believer of God and that he wasn't a farmer, as the surrounding fields were muddled in a very disorderly manner with boulders and a barn which leaked.

2. I think that the child was probably about six years old because of the line 'sandbox made from a tractor tyre'

3. The poet suggests that a woman lived in the farmhouse it could be prominently interpreted by the lilac wallpapers and the organized way in which oilcloth was spread neatly on all the kitchen shelves.

4. The family probably left the farmhouse because they won a large fortune and went off to stay in the city and left this house as it was. The other reason can also be that a huge famine or some other natural calamity struck them because of which they had to leave immediately. Another reason can also be that they hadn't repaid someone's debts and were threatened to leave the house on short notice.

Solution 3

· It seems that today all you see in movies is violence.

· Pollution is directly related to the question of our life and death. This suggests the importance of cleanliness of our environment.

· The people are outraged this time. So, it is likely that the Bill would be passed in the Parliament soon.

· He didn't fair well in his exams. This suggests that he wouldn't be eligible for entrance tests in DU.

Chapter 1(C) - Can You Know People You Haven't Met 17

Solution 4

1. Seemed very weird to me.

2. I was sure by the condition of the neighboring farmland that

3. I assumed from the condition of the house that

4. The neat oilcloths on the shelves and the lilac wallpaper suggested that

Chapter 1(C) - Can You Know People You Haven't Met 18

Solution 6

Hill Top College


09TH May'12

Hello Sumit,

I have reached Bengaluru safely. I was just settling things up in my room when I thought of writing to you. I am so dead tired. My room was a mess when I entered. I have been dreading this day for so long and here it is. I am very tensed because of my existing roommate Ritesh. He is presently on vacation at his parents' place in Mumbai. The entire room gave an impression of him as a very untidy person with no fixed time frame to complete his task. His things are thrown all over the place and the floor is sticky because of spilled coke. Ant attacks on leftover pizza have added to my misery. A wet towel is strewn over the only chair in the room. I am clueless about how to survive this chaos. You already know that I have always grown up in a very disciplined, neat and tidy environment. I don't think I will be able to befriend him. Hope the future holds good for us and we become tolerant towards each other.

You take care and do keep in touch. I miss you friends already.