NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 5(A) - Bermuda Triangle

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Chapter 5(A) - Bermuda Triangle 81

Solution 2

Captain James was enjoying the (a) Halloween party hosted by his neighbor Mr Samuel. Suddenly, he got a call from his boss who wanted him to fly across the Atlantic with a reputably renowned investigator to (b) probe into the (c) abduction of an heiress. He immediately got ready for the assignment. While starting the flight he checked the radar controllers. He found that routine traffic was proceeding undisturbed, in their (d) vector. There was no difficulty in the (e) rogering and he (f) ascended. All of a sudden there was a (g) crackle and communication was abruptly cut off. He checked the radar screen and it was moving (h) erratic. He experienced a strange (i) phenomenon. He stepped into a mist and claimed to arrive at a time period after the French revolution. However, his (j) time warp theory was not convincing. He claimed that he just remembered being (k) engulfed in a big cloud. Nevertheless, people were happy to see him return after a month.