NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 1(A) - An Exemplary Leader

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Chapter 1(A) - An Exemplary Leader Exercise 5

Solution 2

The character of a boss has always been stereotyped. Thus, it is wrong to always follow the conventional norm and blame the boss. In Ravi's case, there can be two perspectives:

His boss can be right if the work is really urgent and needs to be taken care of immediately. When Ravi had joined the organization, he must have been well aware that the work atmosphere was under a lot of pressure. Thus, the boss's decision can be well-justified.


His boss can be wrong if the work can be looked after later. If Ravi's reputation as an employee was good, his boss should have probably granted him leave. Ravi's loyalty towards his duties and responsibilities would have built goodwill in the company because of which the boss should have entrusted him the leave.




oratory skills



ability to take decisions



willing to take risk

Chapter 1(A) - An Exemplary Leader Exercise 7

Solution 4

Date: 05th May,2003



Subject: Success as a team leader in the Quiz Competition held yesterday.

Dearest Mohan ,

I am writing this mail especially to share my happiness and success with you. Recently, our school participated in a quiz competition in J.K.Stadium. I was the team leader of the entire team which went over there.I had to take charge of all the responsibilities which had to be taken care of. I focused on the weak and the strong points of our team so that we could be successful. The quiz was based on the Anti-Corruption campaign going on in our country. I helped our team members to prepare thoroughly with the help of newspapers, magazines, quiz books, previous records, and historical events and so on. We visited the National Library as well for the same. Finally, our team gained success and we won the trophy of the Inter School Quiz Competition. I am glad my principal and teachers are happy and proud of me.



Chapter 1(A) - An Exemplary Leader Exercise 8

Solution 6

(b) Scientists were working for 12-18 hours at Thumba.

(d) Scientists had heavy work pressure but they were loyal.

(e) A scientist approached the boss for permission to leave at 5.30 pm to take his children to the exhibition.

(c) The boss consented.

(h) The scientist became so engrossed in his work that he continued working till 8.15 pm.

(g) Suddenly, he remembered his promise to his children.

(a) The scientist rushed home anticipating the disappointment of his children.

(f) To his surprise, he learnt that his boss had kept his appointment for him.

Chapter 1(A) - An Exemplary Leader Exercise 9

Solution 7

When we talk about people, we discuss their qualities. The box below contains some words which best describe people.
















Work in pairs and select the appropriate words for the following characters.

The Scientist:

The Boss:

Chapter 1(A) - An Exemplary Leader Exercise 10

Solution 8

As he drove home, he felt guilty for having let his children down. He reached home, entered the house and saw his wife and children watching the television. Everybody was in a peaceful mood and a fantastic aroma of a delicious dinner was coming from the kitchen. I was taken aback because I had expected sulky faces of the children and an angry look on my wife's face. Suddenly, my children burst out that their school had coincidently organized a school trip to the exhibition that very same day. My kids enjoyed themselves to their hearts' content with their peer group and their teachers. I heaved a sigh of relief and was over-joyous that I did not become a reason of disappointment in the eyes of my kids. However, this incident taught me a lesson that one should never put their children's interest and happiness secondary. Nothing is more important than smile on their lips.

Chapter 1(A) - An Exemplary Leader Exercise 11

Solution 11

'The Role of Youth in Realising the Dreams of Dr. Kalam'

· First of all the youth should fight for equal rights for all the citizens. Even now, there are lots of people who do not get equal rights.

· Realizing the responsibilities by present youth force is seen during the India Against Corruption movement all over the country. The role of present youth force is seen fully living up to the expected line of up coming future force. They are showing the true concern.

· In the present day the burning topic is Black Money, but is the answer in getting the money back or is it important to eradicate its source? In this fashion the problems need to be addressed. The youth should not get swayed away by lucrative political slogans.

· "I don't believe in brain drain. India produces three million graduates every year. If 10 per cent of them leave the country, it is not brain drain," Kalam said this while interacting with students at St Xavier's College in Mumbai.

· He further asked students to work hard for development of the country through their participation in developmental politics.

· He also urged youngsters to actively participate in the vision-2020 in order to build an affluent and corruption-free society.