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Class 9 NCERT Solutions English Chapter F.4 - Keeping It From Harold

Keeping It From Harold Exercise 28

Solution 1a

The different weight categories in boxing are:



  • Pin weight (juniors) 44-46 kgs


  • Light flyweight, -not more than 49 kg


  • Flyweight -52 kg.


  • Bantamweight- 56 kg.


  • Lightweight- 60 kg.


  • Light welterweight- 64 kg


  • Welterweight- 69 kg


  • Middleweight-75 kg


  • Light heavyweight-81 kg


  • Heavyweight-91 kg


  • Super heavyweight- any weight over 91 kg




Solution 1b

'He' refers to the famous American heavy weight professional boxer Muhammad Ali. 


His original name was Cassius Marcellus Clay.


He won the World Heavyweight Belt three times.  

Solution 1c

This answer will require the student to do his/her own research on the topic. 


Some guidelines: 

WWE-World Wrestling Entertainment 

My friend Kaustubh likes Roman Reigns because he loves his style of wrestling as well as his long hair.


Solution 1d

This is an answer that will depend on each student's views and perspective. 

Some guidelines:  


Reasons people watch WWE(they have a large fan following)-

  • As a sport

  • As fun and entertainment

  • For the action(like watching an action movie)

  • Fans get addicted to watching it.

  • Fans love to see their favourite wrestlers win.

  • People find live shows more entertaining.

  • To place bets

  • To pass time


Years ago when people fought in the ring (wrestlers/boxers) the matches were

  • Actual fights

  • There was prize money

  • Professional fights

  • People got hurt or were maimed for life

  • Serious injuries even lead to death.


Today WWE, WWF are


  • All fights for entertainment.

  • The fights are scripted.

  • There are plots and subplots.

  • Varieties of costumes worn by the wrestlers.

  • Players are even thrown out of the ring.

  • At times, the referees also get beaten up.

  • There are women wrestlers as well.




Keeping It From Harold Exercise 39

Solution 3a

(iv) she was the mother of a child prodigy. 

Solution 3b


Solution 3c

(ii) being good at academics.


Keeping It From Harold Exercise 40

Solution 3d

(i) they did not know his father was the famous boxer, Young Porky.

Solution 4a

A mother and her child always share a very special relationship. This was just the case with Mrs. Bramble and her son Harold..

 Mrs. Bramble had the habit of referring to herself in the third person when she spoke to her son. She would reply "Yes, mother will hear you precious."

Harold did not like her way of addressing him as it felt as if she were addressing a baby instead of a young man.

Solution 4b

It was a constant source of amazement to Mrs. Bramble that she had brought a prodigy like Harold into the world. He was different from ordinary children, devoted to his books, a model of behaviour altogether admirable. It was because of these perfections of his that Harold's parents had decided to keep his father's profession a secret from him. Although they were lovers of truth, they had realized that there are times when truth must be sacrificed and at any cost the facts concerning Mr. Bramble's profession must be kept from Harold.

When Harold was a baby it had not mattered so much. But when he began to move about and take notice they felt they needed to keep it from him. Once he started showing signs of becoming a model of goodness and intelligence, the senior curate also felt that it should be kept a secret from Harold.

Solution 4c

Mr. Bramble wished to name his child John after Mr. John L. Sullivan if the child were to be a boy. He wanted to do so because John Sullivan was an American boxing legend and being a professional boxer himself, Mr. Bramble looked up to him. If the baby were to be a girl, he wanted to name her Marie after Miss Marie Lloyd, a music hall artist.

Solution 4d

Mr. Bramble was a heavy weight boxer by profession and until the arrival of his son Harold he was very proud of being one. He took great pride in his abilities as a boxer.


In contrast to his professional life, he was a very mild person in his private life. Both he and Mrs. Bramble were honest people, but they believed in keeping the truth of his professional life from his son.

Solution 4e

Although Mrs. Bramble did not like her husband's profession as a boxer, she didn't want him to quit because it earned them good money and made it possible for them to educate Harold...

If he beat Murphy at the final match, he would win prize money of five hundred pounds .Even if he lost, he would still get a hundred and twenty, and this money would have been a blessing because it was enough to give Harold a better start in life. 

Solution 4f

Jerry Fisher was Mr Bramble's trainer at White Hart.

He had a little face like a 'ferret' and wore a woollen sweater, cycling knickerbockers and a battered bowler hat. According to Mr. Bramble he was a 'hard nut' because he was extremely protective of him.


He tried to convince Bill to go back with him to train at the White Hart. He believed that if he didn't fight, the media and the spectators won't be kind to him. Conversely, if he did, Mr. Bramble would not only gain a fortune, but also garner popularity.


Solution 4g

As Mr. Fischer was convincing Mr. Bramble to fight, Harold suddenly walked in on them. He insisted on knowing what his father was discussing with his trainer and why was his named mentioned. Fischer was already enraged by Bill Bramble's refusal to fight. In a mean spirited feat of revenge, Fischer told little Harold that his father was not a commercial traveller but a heavy weight boxer. Thus, the long guarded secret was exposed to Harold.

Solution 4h

Everyone was shocked, when Jerry Fisher, to get his revenge revealed to Harold that his father was a boxer. However, what shocked them further was Harold's behaviour at this revelation.

He was very upset with his father for not telling him his true identity for two reasons.


He was upset because his father had said that he would be giving up boxing and would never fight again not even if the King of England came to him on bended knees. This was because without knowing that his father was a boxer he had taken a bet with his friend Dicky Sanders that his father's opponent Jimmy Murphy wouldn't last ten rounds.


There was a fellow in his school who went about showing off in the most rotten way because he once got Phil Scott's autograph. His fellow students looked up to him when all the time they should have been looking up to Harold simply because he was the son of 'Young Porky'. This made him really feel sick.

And besides they would never have been calling him 'Goggles' if they knew who his father was. They would stop teasing him immediately and start looking up to him.


Solution 4i

This answer depends on each students own views and opinions. 

Some guidelines:  

Begin by giving actual details of why the parents felt it important to hide the truth from their only child.

  • Situation that existed at that time-boxing not considered a civilized profession.

  • Child was a prodigy compared to the parents.

  • Parents felt Harold was far superior to them.

  • Like all parents, they wanted the best for their child-didn't want him to suffer in any way.


Yes I agree with the parents :

  • Boxing is a career that you cannot continue for long-it has a time span. By the time the child grows the father might give up the sport.

  • Boxing /wrestling is not considered a good profession by many owing to the violence associated with it.

  • Younger children may become subjected to ridicule as his or her peers may not speak kindly of a parent being a boxer.


No I don't agree with the parents :

  • Children must be told the truth at all costs.

  • Don't underestimate the intelligence of children.

  • Children however small are able to cope with situations sometimes even better than adults.

  • They have to be told why parents have to take up certain professions and learn to accept situations.

  • They should be proud of what their parents do.

  • Boxing is a sport and it's an honest profession unlike gambling or stealing.

  • Like Harold, children will feel upset or let down / when the truth is revealed to them later.



Solution 5

  • Harold is alone with his mother at their home.

  • Mrs. Bramble is amazed to think that she has brought such a prodigy as Harold into the world.

  • Mrs. Bramble resumes work of darning the sock.

  • Major Percy and Bill come to the house.

  • Mrs. Bramble is informed that Bill had decided not to fight.

  • Bill tells his wife that he is doing it for Harold.

  • Jerry Fisher tries to convince Bill to reconsider.

  • Harold comes to know that his father is a boxer.

  • Harold wants to know what will happen to the money he had bet on Murphy losing.




Keeping It From Harold Exercise 41

Solution 6




Extracts from the story 



What this tells us about their characters 



Mrs Bramble



(Para 12) "Bill we must keep it from Harold" 



She was not honest and open with her son; concerned mother 



Mr Bramble



(Para 33)



He had decided to make the ultimate sacrifice-give up his profession for the love of his son. This was done in order to ensure that his son was not hurt or embarrassed in public.






(Para 109) 



  • He was happy to have finally got the better of Fisher.


  • He did not believe in being spiteful at the cost of a child's feelings.


  • He understood a father's feelings for his son.


  • He was over dramatic

Jerry Fisher



(Para 110) 



Revengeful, vindictive, wanted to get his way even at the cost of hurting the young boy and causing friction in the family.





Keeping It From Harold Exercise 42

Solution 7(1)

Earlier, Kane liked playing Halo2 and Ghost Recon online. He later played THQ's Raw vs. Smack down 2006 on the PSP.


Solution 7(3)

According to Kane, in some ways, the WWE had gone through an evolution. It had become more and more television driven and the television product had become stronger. Initially the format of the show was a lot different from what it is today. This was because they faced competition from what was formerly WCW. But now that the television products are stronger than before and they are going through the best years the business had ever seen and things would only get better.


Solution 7(2)

When Kane was first getting into wrestling, his favourite wrestler was the Undertaker. He used to build caskets for people and Kane found all this classic and awesome.

The other wrestlers who influenced him into taking up wrestling were Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair and the Four horsemen.


Solution 7(4)

Kane prefers performing without the mask because as a performer he's unlimited in what he can do whereas with the mask he relies more on body language. Yet, according to him, the mask has a certain aura about it; there is mystery. Although he prefers not to use the mask, several people like him with the mask on. There are times when Kane himself prefers putting on the mask.


Solution 7(5)

Even though Kane has accomplished almost everything through wrestling, Kane loves the gratification it provides. He loves the admiration of his fans and the thought that he is providing them with entertainment. Through this, Kane is also enjoying himself and it gives him immense satisfaction.


Solution 7(6)

This answer requires the students own views and impressions.






Some guidelines: 






  • He was -a wrestling fan even as a child.


  • He loved athletics in college and also took up wrestling.


  • His favourite wrestler was the Undertaker( loved the crazy things Undertaker did like building caskets for people etc)


  • He is very happy with his character as wrestler.


  • Prefers not to use a mask because as a performer he's unlimited in what he can do whereas with the mask he relies more on body language.


  • He is happy with the fame he has achieved in life.


  • He doesn't think he has anything more to achieve.


  • He finds it gratifying the way fans come up to him and because he has stood the test of time they all respect him.


  • He may not be the hottest wrestler but the people would be with him simply because they have kind of grown up with him.


  • He feels the most important thing is that he is enjoying himself and people are being entertained every night.




Solution 8

This answer requires the students own views and impressions. 


Some guidelines:


  • Begin with the importance of sports, how it instils in you the essential lessons of life.

  • Gives you confidence, responsibility, self discipline and accountability.

  • Some sports safe/some not so safe


Reasons why physical sports such as boxing and wrestling should be banned:


  • Dangerous- Players can get injured can even lose their lives.

  • Promotes violence.

  • Players may suffer from diseases like Parkinson's disease later in life.

  • Why go in for violent games when there are so many peaceful games?

  • Children watching these games on television-get aggressive -as they try to imitate the players.


Reasons why physical sports such as boxing and wrestling should not be banned

  • It is one of the oldest sports.

  • Players are aware of the consequences when they go in for these sports.

  • You can get hurt in any sport not only wrestling or boxing.

  • Those who try to hurt each other during the game are penalized.

  • People find live shows more entertaining.

  • Physical exercise makes our body fit.

  • It is an honest profession.

  • Underscores the importance of learning how to defend oneself.


Solution 9

This is a group activity that needs to be carried out by the students in the class.