NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 8 Our Pasts Iii

In CBSE Class 8, History is one of the crucial subjects in Social Studies. CBSE Class 8 History explains historic events which took place during the colonial rule and how these events have impacted society. TopperLearning presents Study Materials for CBSE Class 8 History which will help students to achieve a good score in their examination besides helping them to clear their fundamentals in the subject.

Our CBSE Class 8 Study Materials for History are designed by subject experts who have a deep knowledge of the subject and follow the latest CBSE syllabus. By referring to our materials, students can clear all their fundamentals of a particular topic. They are also helpful when doing homework. One of the major USPs of our study materials is that they help improve recall. With regular study, you can prepare well for the examination. Apart from our rich and comprehensive set of study materials, we also have an 'Ask the Expert' facility in which a dedicated academic expert clears all your study-related doubts any time.

We also conduct weekly webinars, so that you can revise all your concepts well. You can now score more marks in CBSE Class 8 History by thoroughly practising with our revision notes and sure shot questions. Additionally, you can find NCERT textbook solutions which are available free of cost, and you can assess your preparation with multiple choice questions, true or false questions and subjective questions.

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Key Features of Study Materials for CBSE Class 8 History:

  • Contain video lessons, revision notes, question banks & sample papers
  • According to the latest CBSE syllabus
  • Prepared by our subject matter experts
  • Helpful for quick revision
  • Boost confidence and preparation
  • Free textbook solutions available
  • Improvement in marks