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Class 7 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 1 - Three Questions

Three Questions Exercise 10

Solution 1

The king wanted to know the answers to the three questions because he thought that he would never fail once he knew the answers to these questions.

Solution 2

Messengers were sent throughout the kingdom to announce a reward for those who could answer the questions.

Three Questions Exercise 14

Solution 1

The king was told that in order to decide the right time for doing something, it was necessary to look into the future. Since only magicians could do so, he was advised to go to magicians.

Solution 2

The second question also got varied responses. As answers to this question, some said that the people most necessary to the king were his councillors. Hence, their advice would be the most important. Others said that the priests were the most important. A few others chose the doctors. And yet others said that his soldiers were the most important.

Solution 3

In answer to the third question, some said that the most important thing was science. Others said fighting; and yet others chose religious worship.

Solution 4

No, the wise men did not win the reward. As he got very different answers to his questions, the king was not satisfied, and therefore, he chose not to give the reward to anyone.

Solution 1-CC

1. Many wise men answered the king's questions, but their answers were so varied that the king was not satisfied.
2. Someone suggested that there should be a council of wise men to help the king act at the right time.
3. Someone else suggested that the king should have a timetable and follow it strictly.
4. The king requested the hermit to answer three questions.
5. The king washed and dressed the bearded man's wound, but the bleeding would not stop.

Three Questions Exercise 15

Solution 1

Solution 2

(i) The judge said that only fresh evidence would make him change his judgement.
(ii) I didn't notice any serious difference of opinion among the debaters, although they differed from one another over small points.
(iii) It's a fairly simple question to answer, but will you accept my answer as final?
(iv) It isn't necessary that necessity should always be the mother of invention.
(v) Hermits are wise men. How they acquire their wisdom no one can tell.
(vi) The committee has decided to make Jagdish captain of the team. The decision is likely to please everyone.
(vii) Asking for forgiveness is as noble as willingness to forgive.

Solution 5

When the king and the hermit removed the man’s clothing they saw the large wound on the man's stomach. The king washed and covered it with his handkerchief. Since the blood did not stop flowing, he re-dressed the wound until at last it stopped bleeding. When the man felt better, he gave him fresh water to drink. Then, with the help of the hermit, he carried the wounded man into the hut and laid him on the bed. This is how they helped the wounded man.

Solution 6

(i) The bearded man was an enemy of the king. The king had put the man's brother to death and had also seized his property. That is why he wanted to take revenge on the king.
(ii) The man knew that the king had gone alone to see the hermit and so had made up his mind to kill him on his way back home. When the king did not return he left his hiding place, but the king's bodyguard recognised him and thus, wounded him. He managed to escape, but would have died if the king had not taken care of him and dressed his wounds. Ironically, he was saved by the very person whose life he wanted to take. That is why he asked for the king's forgiveness.

Solution 7

The king forgave the man. He showed his forgiveness by telling him that he would send his servants and his own doctor to look after him. He also promised to give back the man his property.

Solution 8

In answer to the first question, the hermit said that there is only one time that is important and that time is 'Now'. It is the only time when one has any power to act.

The hermit answered the second question by saying that the most necessary person is the person you are with at a particular moment. This is because no one knows what will happen in the future and whether we will meet anyone else.

The hermit's response to the third question was that the most important thing is to do good for the person one is with. This is because all are sent into this world for that purpose alone.
All the answers are linked to each other and have their own significance. As a famous author once said “I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

All three answers together tell us to do whatever act of kindness we can for the person we are with now and don’t put it off for the future.