NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 7 - The Invention of Vita-Work

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Chapter 7 - The Invention of Vita-Work 102

Solution 1
(i) The trees that Mr Wonka mentioned are the Douglas fir, the oak, and the cedar. He said that a tree called Bristlecone pine lives the longest.
(ii) This tree lives for over 4000 years. It can be found upon the slopes of Wheeler Peak in Nevada, U.S.A.
Solution 2
With the exception of the 4000-year-old Bristlecone pine, the things mentioned in Mr Wonka's list (e.g., the toe-nail clipping from a 168-year-old Russian farmer, the tail of a 51-year-old horse) are purely imaginary.
Solution 3
Mr Wonka collected items from the oldest things because he wanted to create age; he wanted to invent something that would make people older. It was probably the right way to begin his invention as he wanted to make people older and therefore, the use of old things seems appropriate.
Solution 4
The moment the brave twenty-year-old Oompa-Loompa volunteer swallowed four drops of the new invention, he began wrinkling and shriveling up all over. His hair started dropping off and his teeth started falling out. Before Mr Wonka knew it, the volunteer had suddenly become an old man of seventy-five. The name of the invention was Vita-Wonk.

Chapter 7 - The Invention of Vita-Work 103

Solution 2
Easy Palak-Dal
(i)One onion
(ii) One cup dal
(iii)Two thin green chillies
(iv) Half a teaspoon red chilli powder
(v) Eight small bunches of palak
(vi) Two tomatoes
(vii) Salt to taste
Wash and cut the vegetables; shred the palak. Put everything in a pressure cooker. Let the cooker whistle three times, then switch it off. Fry a few cumin seeds in oil and add to the palak-dal.