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Class 10 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 4(A) - Treading The Green Path- Towards Preservation

Treading The Green Path- Towards Preservation Exercise 121

Solution 1

Complete the following statements by choosing answers from the box given below and check your awareness about environment.

1. This animal is hunted for it's under wool, shahtoosh, which is used to make shawls and scarves. This is the Chiru/Tibetan antelope.

2. The key threat to tigers is loss of habitat.

3. The Sumatran Rhino is possibly the most critically endangered of the Asian Rhinos. The rhinos are hunted primarily because of their horn, which is used in traditional Asian medicine.

4. The tiger has few enemies. The main predator of the tiger is the human being.

5. The largest endangered land mammal is the Asian Elephant.

6. The name given to the list of endangered/threatened species is The Red list of Threatened Species.

7. The major environmental factor thought to cause the loss of habitat for the polar bear is global warming.

8. One of the reasons the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) was created was to educate and encourage conservation.

Treading The Green Path- Towards Preservation Exercise 125

Solution 2

The correct order of the subheadings and their paragraph number is given below:

1. Whitaker's love for nature, his vision and ambition - 01, 02

2. Whitaker's achievements - 02, 03

3. Becoming a conversationalist - 04

4. Water shortage and the need to save rainforests - 05, 06, 07

5. The Agumbe station - 06, 07, 08

6. The network of rainforest research stations - 09, 10

7. People's support - 11

Solution 3(1)

(a) he was determined

Solution 3(2)

(b) establish rainforest research stations

Solution 3(3)

(c) Rolex award money

Solution 3(4)

(d) Animals cannot be saved without saving their habitat

Solution 3(5)

(c) Water shortage

Solution 3(6)

(c) Sustainable development of forest products

Treading The Green Path- Towards Preservation Exercise 127

Solution 4

The Editor

Nation India

New Delhi-01

Respected Sir,

Subject: The necessity to take steps to preserve bio-reserves

I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards thedepleting bio-reserves of our country through this column of your esteemed newspaper. The flora and fauna of our country are in a threat due to fast development of technology. Pollution of air, land, water and radioactive waste has led to lesser availability of sources of drinking water.

You are requested to kindly look into the matter and respond to it immediately. Strict actions need to be taken for the same.

Thanking you

Yours truly

Alpana Choho

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