NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 1(D) - The World of Sports

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Chapter 1(D) - The World of Sports Exercise 29

Solution 1


Games: Swimming and Soccer

Reasons for your choice:

· Highly recommended for reducing fat;

· Recreational sport.


Games: Chess and Scrabble

Reasons for your choice:

· Makes one focused and sharp;

· Increases vocabulary and knowledge.


Games: Snooker and Golf

Reasons for your choice:

· Relaxes tensed mind;

· Sport of name, fame and money.

Solution 2

1. Team Sports: basketball, cricket, soccer

2. Athletics: hurdles, pole vaulting, decathlon

3. Gymnastics:

4. Racquet Sports: squash

5. Water Sports: sculling, kayaking

6. Combat Sports: judo, fencing, malkham, kickboxing, kung fu

7. Target Sports: snooker

8. Motor Sports: Go-Karting, Formula One

9. Equestrian Events: pommel horse, dressage

10. Adventure, Fun and Indigenous Sports: Paragliding, windsurfing, kho kho, snowboarding, kabbadi, golf

Chapter 1(D) - The World of Sports Exercise 30

Solution 3

The punctuated message is given below:

A new age cycle rickshaw that is light on both - the pockets and the calf muscles of rickshaw-pullers, mobile games designed to battle life - threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS and TB and a low cost computer that enables visually - challenged students to read the textbooks. These are all new inventions.

These are not innovations designed by Phunjshuk Wanngdu or Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chanchad of 3 Idiots fame. Much before Aamir Khan's Rancho made innovation a household word, these simple but powerful ideas were being quietly conceptualised and put to practice by enterprising Indians in various corners of the country.

Chapter 1(D) - The World of Sports Exercise 33

Solution 5

Three qualities that Indian golfer Ashok Kumar possesses are:

(b) frankness (e) perseverance (g) goal orientation

It can be said that Ashok Kumar possesses the quality of frankness as he tells a sports journalist "The reason I am here in this swanky restaurant of the Oberoi, sipping coffee with you is because of golf. It has brought me name, fame and money and all that I could possibly ask for in life. Without golf, I am a zero." Ashok also has the quality of perseverance in him. He started off working as an errand boy, then he became a caddie and gradually, he became a successful golfer all due to sheer hard work. Ashok can also be called goal - oriented as he says to the journalist: "For the moment, I eat, drink and sleep golf. There's no distraction in my life."

Solution 6



1. Swanky

(f) Fashionable and expensive

2. Candour

(d) Frankness

3. A far cry from

(e) Very different

4. Stranger than fiction

(b) Highly unbelievable

5. Back to square one

(a) A return to the original situation from where one started

6. By leaps and bounds

(c) Very quickly or in large amounts

7. Inherent

(h) Pertaining to a natural quality that can't be removed

8. Maestro

(g) A great performer

Chapter 1(D) - The World of Sports Exercise 34

Solution 7

The examples of sentences that can be made from the given words are:

1. Swanky: Young kids driving swanky cars are a common sight in Delhi.

2. Candour: Talk show hosts are often successful in making politicians and celebrities talk with candour.

3. A far cry from: The movies of Dibaker Banerjee are a far cry from commercial Indian Cinema.

4. Stranger than fiction: The fact that people can kill their own daughters in the name of honour-killing is stranger than fiction.

5. Back to square one: Failure in her attempt to clear the architecture entrance exams made Neha feel as if she was back to square one.

6. By leaps and bounds: As the Commonwealth Games were approaching, the government had to complete the preparations for it by leaps and bounds.

7. Inherent: Playfulness is an inherent quality in children.

8. Maestro: Amjad Ali Khan is a musician who is a sarod maestro.

Solution 8

23 March 2021

It was 10 years ago that I met Ramesh. He was a young Nepali boy who used to sell momos near my centre of dance lessons. He often used to pass by my class. One day I invited him in and asked if he wanted to learn dancing. He replied in the affirmative and I asked him to come for the afternoon classes from the next day. After that there was no looking back. Although he is from Nepal, he has a great passion for Hindi Cinema music. In a year, he was as good as my other students. Later on, I made him an instructor at my dance class. Now, after 10 years, he has made a career for himself as a Bollywood choreographer and lives a comfortable life. Today, I can say that I am very proud of my former student. Both Ramesh and his family are very grateful for all the support I gave him during the last 10 years.