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Class 10 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 5(C) - The Emerald Islands

The Emerald Islands Exercise 181

Solution 2

Paragraph number



Showcasing the culture and spirit of AandN


Links with freedom struggle


Indigenous population and settlers


Life of harmony


Sea sports, farms and temples


Southern paradise


Flora and fauna


Get to know the Emerald Islands

The Emerald Islands Exercise 182

Solution 3

Cluster: It is a group of similar things that are close together

Fauna: They are all the wild animals that live in a particular area

Penal settlement: A type of prison, which is often in a place far away from other people

Languish: This is to exist in an unpleasant or unwanted situation

Mangrove: It's a tropical tree, found near water, whose twisted roots grow partly above ground

Aboriginal: This is a person or living thing that has existed in a country or continent since the earliest time known to people

Archipelago: It is an area of sea in which there are many small islands

Topography: It refers to the shape of an area of land, including its hills, valleys etc

Meandering: It is to describe the course of a river, coast line or path that turns a lot

Snorkeling: It is an activity that involves swimming underwater using a breathing device

The Emerald Islands Exercise 183

Solution 4

Andaman and Nicobar Islands-Introduction

  • Origin of Name: Hanuman/Handuman
  • Location: East of the Indian mainland
  • Length: 700 Kms.
  • Topography: Hilly and abounds in evergreen forests
  • Tourist Attractions: Beaches, Water-sports, Flora and Fauna, Natural Beauty
  • Tranquility, Adventure Tourism

Link with the Freedom Movement

  • The revolutionaries of the First War of Independence in 1857 were exiled for life to the Andamans.
  • The Cellular Jail was an important like to the Freedom struggle
  • Now in the evening an enthralling Sound and Light Show at Cellular Jail brings alive the struggle of the young prisoners.


  • Great Andamanese
  • Onges
  • Jarawas
  • Sentinatese
  • Nicobarese
  • Shompens
  • Moplas
  • Some criminal tribes from Central and United Provinces,
  • Refugees from erstwhile East Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon
  • Ex-servicemen

Harmonious Life

  • Faiths: Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs etc
  • Languages: Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Nicobari etc

MGM National Park

  • Covers an area of 281.5 sq km
  • It is made-up of open sea, creeks and 15 small and large islands
  • It offers views of rare corals and underwater marine life through glass bottom boats, scuba diving and snorkeling

South Andaman

The Emerald Islands Exercise 190

Solution 11

On a spring evening, some years ago, while living in Mumbai, I decided to take in a Musical, where I heard Lakshya Kumar sing for the first time. I was enthralled. I believed I had discovered the next Kishore Kumar. Yet, disappointed by the sparse audience, I decided to write an article to help promote him. Struggling to contain my excitement the next day, I phoned the theatre where he was performing and unabashedly acted like a professional writer: "May I speak with Lakshya Kumar please?" "Just one moment." replied the person at the other end. "Hello, this is Lakshya Kumar." answered a deep voice at the other end, "Who is speaking?" My trembling hands dropped the receiver and I seemed to have lost my voice. I heard the phone being disconnected at the other end. What an end to my grand plans!

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