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Class 10 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 1(A) - Do Indians get enough sleep?

Do Indians get enough sleep? Exercise 6

Solution 2

Five main reasons responsible for Indians not getting the desired quota of sleep each night today are:

1. High level of stress

2. Unhealthy lifestyle

3. Lack of time

4. Demanding professional life

5. Demanding personal life

Solution 3

The direct result of lack of sleep is ailments and illnesses.

Solution 3a

Many sleep disorder experts think that lack of sleep is the reason for many ailments. Therefore, it is important for physicians to 'wake up' to sleep disorders so that they can detect illnesses at an early stage.

Solution 3b

According to Dr. Jeffrey Lipsitz, a Canadian expert on sleep disorders, on an average, a healthy adult requires just over eight hours of sleep at night. Joseph De Koninck, a renowned professor of psychology, is of the opinion that if one consistently gets less sleep than one needs, then "a sleep deficit accumulates." The amount of sleep required to rejuvenate people varies from one person to another as there is no fixed number of hours for which humans need to sleep.

Solution 3c

A recent survey conducted in India shows that twenty-nine percent of Indians sleep only after midnight and sixty-one percent sleep for seven hours or less. The survey also arrived at a conclusion that Indians are among the world's earliest risers, with sixty-four percent getting out of bed before 7 a.m. By using this phrase, the writer wants to show that 'early rise' is a good habit only if the principle of 'early to bed' is followed.

Solution 4

Dear Balbeer,

I am aware that you are preparing for your X standard board exams this year. As you know, there is a lot of pressure associated with board exams in our country. I have noticed that lately, pressure has been getting to you too. You come home very late at night and leave very early. Mother tells me that you have not been eating properly as well. If you carry on with such a lifestyle then it is going to be harmful to your health in a long run.

I have some suggestions that you could follow for your own well being. First of all, don't get worked up about the board exams. They are simply exams and nothing more than that. Secondly, get organized. Make a schedule and organise the subjects that you need to study and the amount of time you can spend on each of them. Thirdly, you must sleep at least 7 hours a day in order to remain healthy. Finally, eat very well and do not skip a single meal. I know that this is a tough time in every student's life. However, remember what George Herbert said: 'Living well is the best revenge.'

Yours truly,


Do Indians get enough sleep? Exercise 7

Solution 5

A few examples of phrasal verbs from this unit are:

dead tired

pull off

cut down

eat well

sleep well

Solution 5a

The meanings of the given words are:

i. compel (para1): forced

ii. evade (para 2): elude

iii. revitalize (para 6): invigorated

iv. amass ( para 6): couple

v. oppose (para 7): counter

vi. restate (para 8): reiterate

Do Indians get enough sleep? Exercise 9

Solution 7

The meanings of the given words or group of words are:

(a) Vital, very important (para 1): Crucial

(b) the quality of being prone to or open to dangers, like a disease or infection or a weakness (para 1): Susceptibility

(c) a wide range (para1): Array

(d) very badly. in a damaging way (para 4): Adversely

(e) a problem that has persisted for quite some time (para 5): Chronic

Do Indians get enough sleep? Exercise 10

Solution 8

Lack of sleep: (b) weakens the body's capacity to combat diseases.

Solution 8a

Natural killer cells: (c) help us fight viruses and bacteria.

Solution 8b

C-reactive protein: (c) helps us to sleep peacefully.

Solution 8c

If we don't sleep well: (c) our brain might stop functioning in a balanced manner.

Solution 9

Lack of sleep

Effect on the production of

Ultimate effect on us



The appetite-suppressing hormone




The hormone controlling hunger pangs

Increases hunger



Stress hormone

Increases fat storage


Brain neurotrnsmitters

The chemicals that deliver messages between nerve cells in the brain

Our brain chemicals deplete and this leads to emotional disturbances like depression, anxiety and general feeling of sadness, anger and irritation.

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