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Class 10 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 3 - Two Stories about Flying

Two Stories about Flying Exercise 36

Solution 1

The young seagull was afraid to fly because it was its first flight. his brothers and sister had already flown away but he had been afraid to fly with them. Each time he had taken a little run forward to the brink of the ledge and attempted to to flap his wings he became afraid. Looking down at the vast expanse of oceanhe was certain his wings would not support him.

It is a well known fact that doing something for the first time is challenging. Therefore, all young birds must be afraid to make their first flights.

Similarly, a human baby would also find it a challenge to take its first step.

Solution 2

The young seagull was very hungry. He had not eaten since the previous nightfall. It was this hunger that ultimately compelled him to fly. His  hunger only intensified when he saw his mother tearing at a piece of fish that lay at her feet. He  cried to her, begging her to get some food. Whenhis  mother came  towards  him  with  food  in  her  beak, he  screamed  with  joy  and  anticipation. However, she stopped midway. He wondered why she did not come nearer. Not being able to resist or control his hunger any longer, he dived at the food in his mother's beak. At that moment, his hunger overpowered his fear of the great expanse of sea beneath the cliff. Finally, this plunge was followed by the natural reaction of his body, i.e., to fly.

Solution 3

The young seagull was afraid to fly. Even when he saw his brothers and sisters flying, and his parents helping and teaching them, he could not gather enough courage to make that first flight. That is why his father and mother kept calling him shrilly and scolding him. They threatened to let him starve on the ledge if he did not fly. They did so because they wanted him to leave his fear behind and learn to fly. Finally his mother managed to tempt him with the fish and unable to resist his hunger he plunged off the ledge towards the food and began to fly.

His family later cajoled him and beckoned him as they wanted him to overcome his fear of the green ocean and land on it.

Two Stories about Flying Exercise 40

Solution I

1. The meaning of 'black' in this sentence is that the face and hands are dark (coloured) and dirty with dust and heat.
2. Here, 'black' refers to an angry look.
3. Here, 'blackest' refers to the darkest and cruellest /worst crime against humanity.
4. Here, 'black' refers to dark and gloomy comedy.
5. The meaning of 'black' in this sentence is that the shopkeepers sell the described goods 'at a higher price'.
6. Here, 'black' means that the criminal suffered excessive beating at the hands of the villagers.

Solution 1

The risk was to fly through the  black storm  clouds. The narrator  took the  risk because his home was beckoning him. He was dreaming of his holiday and looking forward to being with his family. He also wanted to get home in time to enjoy a good English breakfast.

Solution 2

As he flew into the storm, everything went black. It was impossible to see anything outside the plane. It jumped and twisted in the air. When he looked at his compass, he saw that it was turning round and round. It was dead. Along with it, the other instruments,  including  the  radio,  were  also  dead. He was lost in the storm.  Suddenly, in the black clouds near him he  saw  another aeroplane. Its pilot waved at him, asking him to follow. He was glad to find a helper and followed the strange aeroplane through the clouds  like an obedient child for more than half an hour. He was using his last fuel tank and there  was only enough fuel to fly five or ten minutes. Then, the other pilot started  to go down and he followed. He suddenly came out of the clouds and saw  the runway, on which he then landed his plane safely.

Solution 3

After landing, the narrator was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota because he had a horrific and scary experience flying that plane. He had been caught in a storm with his compass,radio and other instruments all dead.He was happy that he had landed the plane safely. That is why he was not sorry to walk  away. Instead, he wanted to know where he was and who the other pilot was.

Solution 4

The narrator had asked the woman in the control centre about the identity of  the other pilot. She looked at him strangely as there was no other plane in the storm. She told him that no other plane was flying that night. His was the only plane she could see on the radar.

Solution 5

Probably, it was the narrator's own self that helped him through the storm. There was no other plane in the storm as the woman at the control centre could see only his plane on the radar. Also, no other plane was flying that night. In  his fear, he might have been hallucinating. He was a good pilot, and it might have been his own self determination that came to his help.

Two Stories about Flying Exercise 41

Solution 2






Fly a flag


Display a flag on a long pole 


Fly into rage


Become suddenly very angry 


Fly along


Move quickly/suddenly 


Fly high


Be successful 


Fly the coop


Escape from a place 

Solution 3

The words which have the same or nearly the same meaning as 'fly' are as follows:
swoop, flit, ascend, float, dart, soar, hover, sail skim, glide, descend, flutter

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