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Class 10 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 10 - For Anne Gregory [Poem]

For Anne Gregory [Poem] Exercise 141

Solution 1

The "great honey-coloured Ramparts at your ear" refers to the girl's beautiful, yellow hair which falls till her ears.

The hair covers her ears like the high, wide walls which surround a castle.

The beauty of the girl's hair is so distracting that the poet says that young men are 'thrown into despair' just by looking at it and fall in love with her. They are so captivated with her beautiful hair that they are unable to love her for the person she actually is.

Solution 2

The young woman's hair is yellow like the colour of honey.

She says that she can use hair dye and change its colour to brown, black or carrot (red).

She wants to change the colour of her hair because the poet has told her that her honey-coloured hair is so beautiful and distracting that men will be thrown into despair just by looking at it. They will love her for her hair and not for the person she is.

She does not want this to happen. She wants to be loved for her inner beauty and not for her physical attributes which is her beautiful yellow hair.

Solution 3

Various objects have qualities which make them desirable to others. Here is a list of objects as well as their qualities which make them more desirable than the others.




colour, material, pattern, fit

School bag

colour, design, attractiveness, functionality, comfort


brand, capacity, compartments, cooling capacity, environment- friendliness


make, colour, speed, value for money, fuel consumption, appearance

Mobile phone

brand, technology, memory, weight, price, attractiveness, user-friendliness, design, camera function


Solution 4

Each student may have a different opinion on what makes them like/dislike others. Students are recommended to answer the first part of the question based on their interpretation and experience.  


It is human nature to have favourites based on its perception of people and situations in life. Hence, it is only fair to say that some people may come across as more lovable than others.

  • A parent or caregiver's love for a newborn baby, for a mentally or physically challenged child, for a clever child or a prodigy reflects affection and concern.

  • The public's love for a film star, a sportsperson, a politician or a social worker is full of awe.

  • Your love for a friend or brother or sister is full of compassion and empathy.

  • Your love for a pet, and the pet's love for you is unconditional and selfless.


Solution 5

Each student may have a different opinion on this question. Hence, it is recommended that they think about their friends and family members and then answer the question based on their interpretation and experience.  


You may use the following hints:


  • Think about a friend or family member. Is it possible for you to think about them as individuals or does their external appearance/ behaviour overcome what they actually are? 

  • Each person's thought process changes with the coming of age. Have you remained the same or have you changed for better or worse? You may ask your family about this.

  • Each person is unique and hence, we must try and accept them as they are. Do you agree?

  • Our feelings for our loved ones may undergo change as time passes by. Why do you think this happens?


It is said that people should not be judged for what you see of them superficially. How far do you think this is true?  

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