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Class 10 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 4 - Amanda [Poem]


Amanda [Poem] Exercise 62

Solution 1

Amanda may be an adolescent entering her teenage. We know this because she is being asked to finish her homework and do some work like tidying her room and cleaning her shoes. In addition, her parent stops her from eating chocolate since she has acne. We also notice that Amanda is very fanciful since she imagines herself to be fairytale characters while her parent nags at her. These hints point to the fact that Amanda is a very young girl.

Solution 2

In the poem, it seems as if Amanda's mother is the one speaking to her. In fact, it could be any of Amanda's older family members who want to inculcate good habits in her.

Solution 3

Stanzas 2, 4 and 6 are given in parenthesis, because they represent Amanda's retreat into a magical world where she no longer can hear the berating voice of her parent. It also shows that she is unconcerned by the constant badgering and has her own fantastical world where is she free and happy.

Solution 4

 The child Amanda is the speaker in Stanzas 2, 4 and 6. 

 No, the child is not listening to the speaker in Stanzas 1, 3, 5, and 7. She is so accustomed to being instructed, that she is lost in her own thoughts and her mind is far away.

Solution 5

If Amanda were a mermaid, she would be the sole inhabitant of the languid emerald sea on which she would drift blissfully.

Solution 6

No, Amanda is not an orphan. However, because the voice is continuously lecturing and correcting her she feels that an orphan has more freedom than herself. She imagines herself as an orphan, roaming about on the streets, walking around and making patterns in the soft dust with her bare feet. The silence she experiences is golden and the freedom is sweet.

Solution 7

Rapunzel was a young girl who was locked up in a tower by a wicked witch. The tower had no doors or stairs to enter, only a single room at the top with one window. Rapunzel was visited by no one but the witch. Whenever the witch needed to see her, Rapunzel used to let down her long hair. The witch would hold on to it and climb into the room.

Amanda is tired of her parent's continuous lecturing. She prefers the life of Rapunzel who is all alone in the high tower without a care in the world. She wishes to live all alone in the peaceful tower the way Rapunzel did. Amanda is so fed up of her mother's constant nagging that, unlike Rapunzel; she would never let her hair down to allow anyone to climb up into her room. She prefers solitude.

Solution 8

The girl, Amanda, yearns for some peace and quiet.

From the poem, we learn that Amanda longs to fulfill her magical fantasies. She wishes to lead a life like a mermaid, to be the sole inhabitant of a languid emerald sea and blissfully drift along in the ocean.

She wouldn't mind being an orphan roaming the streets all alone making patterns in the dust with her bare feet. She would enjoy the golden silence and the freedom which she says is sweet. Even an orphan, she feels, has more freedom than her.

She even wishes that she were Rapunzel. She would live alone in the peaceful tower without a care in the world and would not let her hair down for anyone to visit her.

All this tells us that Amanda feels that her freedom is curtailed because of her parent. She is fed up of the constant nagging and restrictions. She longs to go away and live a life of solitude.



Solution 9

No, I don't think Amanda is sulking and moody. Like most children of her age, she is tired of the constant nagging. The moment the voice starts scolding her, Amanda's mind veers off to her fantastical world. She imagines herself in different situations where she can find peace and solitude.

However, the person who admonishes her observers her closely and since Amanda is not listening to any of the instructions, the voice concludes that Amanda is moody and sulking.

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